'It's Difficult to Find Someone Who Understands Your Success': Deepika Padukone

Reversing gender pay-gaps like a boss, #YouGoGirl.




There's a reason fans are so obsessed with every celebrity couple that is either public with their relationship status, or choose to hide it from the media and paparazzi. In today's tumultuous times, the news of couples splitting up far surpasses newfound love.

Call it professional pressures, or just the influence of the Western winds, or simply a change in priorities over time — many people today feel a commitment to be more of a 'burden' which they eventually drop off in the quest of soaring up in their career.

Bollywood celebrities are no different, and Deepika Padukone spoke up on this issue recently at the book launch of veteran star Hema Malini's biography Beyond the Dream Girl.

DP's public split with her ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor disturbed her a lot and she has often spoken about the tragic details of the entire episode, along with the effect it had on her life.

Her opinion on her equation with the people in her life and her relationships with them in an attempt to make it big in life was—

"Some of my personal relationships have become stronger with time but I have seen some of my friends, who have distanced themselves from me. Some of my school friends have become much closer than before because we all make efforts to stay in touch. A lot of people could not handle the success that came my way and sort of disconnected. I am not upset about it. That's just the way life goes. People who are closest to you and matter understand."

Even though Deepika has not publicly accepted that she is dating her Padmavati co-star Ranveer Singh, it is as obvious as the day that the two are seeing each other for quite some time now. The actress is rumoured to being payed a whopping 13 crores for her role in her upcoming film Padmavati as opposed to her co-stars Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor who are said to be drawing in about 10 crores each. Director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was clear that the film was mounted on its female protagonist Deepika Padukone with the title being a testimony of the actress' investment in the project, and hence it was only fair to pay her the due remuneration.

On that note, she said—

"As far as romantic relationships are concerned, they are complicated because it is difficult to find someone, who understands your success and your passion for what you do. Someone who understands that maybe you earn more money (than him). It (at the top) is a complicated place to be in."

We wonder what might be the story behind her remarks, and how supportive is her alleged beau Ranveer Singh in this matter, but considering how openly he adores her, one wouldn't worry much. #BestBoyfriendEver