Due to Janhvi Kapoor's Leaked Photos, This New Policy is Being Imposed On the Sets of 'Dhadak'

The film producers were reportedly very upset with the virality of the photo.

People today are enjoying the perks of social media, and the world is getting more closely knit with everyone getting to know the whereabouts and minute-by-minute updates of their friends. But everything comes with its own set of cons, and the film industry sure bears the brunt of this one.

Leaked pictures are a nuisance, and celebrities are often papped against their wishes, be it on set or when they are enjoying their private time. Or so they hope to. Recently, Janhvi Kapoor's pictures went viral. Shortly after performing her mother's last rites, she was back on set, shooting for her upcoming film, Dhadak, and the Internet went crazy on seeing her uncanny resemblance with Sridevi.

The scene was touted as a very important sequence of the film which is a remake of a Marathi film called Sairat, and the producers were obviously miffed with the photo being viral all over Instagram. They even requested the platform to take it down, however, by then it was already everywhere.

As a precaution, the film crew is trying to get police permission to barricade the area, to prevent excited, enthusiastic fans from clicking and leaking pictures. Even the team is prohibited from carrying and using mobiles beyond a point on set.

With the way things are going, looks like the word 'privacy' will be knocked off the dictionary soon!