What Happens When You Put ALL the Indian Comedians in a Room?

Um, sh*t gets cray, that's what.




 Um, sh*t gets cray, that's what.

When you throw a bunch of people whose bread and butter is ridiculing their audience into a room together, sparks and 'Oh-snap!'s are bound to fly. All India Bakchod, Kanan Gill and Biswa Kalyan Rath and all the other funnyboys (and Aditi Mittal ) sit together around an enormous conference table, banging their heads against a wall trying to come up with 'fresh content' (a facetious little farce to introduce the concept of the YouTube Comedy Hunt). In the swing of things, the gang starts busting on each other, tearing apart the group by how formulaic their comedy is, and how easy it is for them to pull off what the other one does.

AIB To Kanan and Biswa: "Look at how funny this scene from a 90's movie is. That must mean I'M funny!"

Kanan and Biswa to AIB: "Alia India Bakchod. Sponsored by: Alia. Featuring: Alia. Introducing: Alia. Cameo by: Alia."

AIB to the Table: "Stop tearing each other apart guys! If we do that here, what will we do on Twitter!"

Somewhere amidst the snide insinuations and team laughter (and a special moment set aside to pointedly make fun of Abish Matthew via Skype), the gang introduces the concept of the Comedy Hunt, a YouTube based contest to find the hidden funny faces that are the best in all the land.