Here's What Ranbir Kapoor Thinks About Taimur Ali Khan's Growing Popularity

But, his views are very different from those of Daddy Saif's!

We are used to pretty unfiltered statements by this toddler's superstar mom, both being Internet sensations in their own right. Kareena Kapoor Khan unabashedly gushes over her too-adorable-to-be-true little one, and with good reason. Netizens and the paparazzi are obsessed with this cutie's pictures and antics in general, and his uncle Ranbir Kapoor is no different. 

In conversation with Rajeev Masand, he talked about his fondness for Kareena and Saif's toddler, and how he feels drawn and incapable of resisting his charm. 

"To be honest, I stalk his (Taimur’s) pictures. I am also obsessed because you know when you see him it just warms your heart. And when he has his haircut or how he walks. I am a Taimur fan. I have had the opportunity and the good fortune to hold him and it felt quite surreal, like holding royalty.

Contrary to other celebrity kids of his like, Ranbir didn't shy away from acknowledging the perks of being one. The elephant in the room has been addressed many times (FYI: nepotism) and people feel that the stars have an unfair advantage over others who are not as fortunate. This claim is often contested by the industry, but Ranbir meets it with an almost brazen admission.

"We had our own share of the public spotlight. Of course, camera phones weren’t there and paparazzi wasn’t there but the kind of attention we got in school or you know when you went outside and people knew that I and my sister were Rishi Kapoor’s children it felt good in a nice way. We had a nice time basking in our parents' glory."

Just like her cousin brother, Kareena loves the attention that is showered on her son by the media, but Saif has always claimed to be a bit wary. Especially, because he firmly believes his children to have their own journey and a normal life, one that isn't tainted with his stardom. But considering the popularity that his youngest has already commanded, he is a bit conscious. 

"That is a bit of a fear. He is quite popular with the paparazzi in India already. So, try to keep a level head on him – he will pretty soon think he is someone special, so I have to talk him down from that."