Priyanka Chopra Finally Replied to Nick Jonas's Instagram Story...

...and basically CONFIRMED their love!

You're probably wondering that after being spotted together so many times, meeting and holidaying with each other's family members in their native countries, and basically being pretty open about their relationship status, who has even an iota of doubt that Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas are not dating each other? 

After attending the celebrations held before the much-talked about engagement at the Ambani household, Nick and Priyanka were spotted heading to Brazil. Nick was performing at a concert, and his doting girl obviously accompanied him. By the social media updates, it is clear that she was damn proud!




 Even though they are not shying away from the shutterbugs, the two haven't given any official statement accepting their relationship. But, their social media speaks louder than words, and we can safely assume that this is their open declaration to the world!

Remember when Nick Jonas made an Instagram story of Priyanka dancing in the rain with the caption "Her" followed by a love-struck emoji? Fans all over went into a frenzy, and everyone could see the pop-star was clearly smitten by our homegirl! 

Nick Jonas's Instagram Story 

Priyanka Chopra finally came back with an answer, and posted a picture of him captioned "Him" followed by the same emoji, basically confirming that the two are dating, and much in love! Not the one to be left without an answer, not our girl.

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