So, Umm, Athiya Shetty and Drake are Friends Apparently?

When and how did this happen? 

The entertainment industry is actually just a small world, where everyone knows everyone. But some celeb friendships still manage to surprise us. And one such friendship came to light, when singer Drake commented on Athiya Shetty's Instagram. We know what's going through your mind — Athiya and Drake? Whaaaaaa? 



Turns out, the two have been friends for a while, and Drake has commented on some of her previous posts as well. When Athiya posted an adorable birthday post for dad Suneil Shetty, who should comment with a "Legend", than Drake. 

Athiya Shetty and Drake

Obviously, everyone was having their minds blown — just like Varun Dhawan, apparently. The actor commented on Drake's comment, expressing his surprise — and, not missing a beat, Drake replied to it with a pun on his very famous, and current hit, In My Feelings

Athiya and Drake 2

We're loving this new found connection! Can we have more, please? 

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