Watch Madhu Chopra Teach Nick Jonas's Mother Some Funky Dance Steps In This Adorable Video

Mama D Jonas—you're all heart!

Even though it has been few days since Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas's engagement ceremony in Mumbai, we're sure we speak for everyone when we say, we still can't stop reeling over the pictures and video snippets from their intimate gathering, especially those with Nick's adorable parents!

They really seemed to have plunged themselves into the Indian festivities with full swing, and enjoyed it every bit. And no we don't just credit their heavily flooded Instagram feed for this piece of info.

This video of Priyanka's mom, Madhu Chopra dancing with Denise Jonas was recently posted by the latter which has really caught the attention of netizens. Watch how mama Chopra teaches mama Jonas a few tricks on how to shake a leg to the groovy Punjabi tracks that are such a hit in our celebrations. 


 The "I miss you" in the caption caught our eye, and just further shows how fond the two families have grown of each other!

It's no surprise that the traditional Indian rituals and celebrations which accompany the Indian fam will be new to foreigners, but the Jonas fam was not overwhelmed at all, as per Madhu Chopra.

Talking about them and their reaction to the traditional Indian festivities and rituals, Madhu said, "Nick enjoyed the prayers during the puja. It was a new thing for him and he took it seriously. He followed what our panditji said, and chanted the Sanskrit mantras accurately. Both he and his parents did it beautifully. They are nice people."

In fact, she was all praise for her future son-in-law, and admitted, "Nick is calm and mature. He's a wonderful person and everyone in the family just loves him. He's so polite and respectful towards elders. What more can a mother want!"








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