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Ranbir Kapoor Takes On the 'Dele Challenge' and Nails It!

Admit it, you've tried it too.

With every passing day, the internet is proving itself to be a funny place. If not busy tagging our friends and family on hilarious AF memes ('cos let's face it, they make it easier to make it through the day!), we netizens are occupied with some or the other challenge. Be it Drake's #KikiChallenge that significantly contributed to the virality of his song 'In My Feelings', or other crazy, not-to-mention dangerous, challenges which are life-threatening—we aren't able to escape the clutches of such Internet trends.

The latest one, however, is just a fun way to test your flexibility which is why it has the whole world hooked. The #DeleChallenge was started by footballer Dele Alli, when he scored a goal against Newcastle and commemorated the moment in the weirdest goal celebration ever!


It involves making a circular shape using your thumb and index finger around your eye and then resting the remaining three fingers on your forehead. While it looks like a piece of cake, it is much harder in reality!

It managed to create quite a stir and the web is flooded with people's successful or failed attempts at the #DeleChallenge.





FYI, Bollywood hasn't been ignorant to this new trend on the internet. Football fanatic Ranbir Kapoor was spotted outside Mumbai airport, on his way to Bulgaria to resume shooting for his upcoming film, Brahmastra. And not only did he oblige a fan by taking a picture with him, he burst into an impromptu #DeleChallenge while posing. And guess what, he nailed it!


Yes, we just found another reason to crush over this actor (no offence, Alia Bhatt!).

Many people have tried to decode the Dele Challenge, and here's one you could try, which involves three simple (really though?) steps:

1. Make an ‘OK’ symbol with your hand.

2. Move the ‘O’ part up so the whole circle sits above your three extended fingers.

3. Flip over your whole hand in the same position as you bring it close toward your eye, with your circled fingers rotating towards you.

And just in case you were done feeling euphoric or disappointed—with your skill to nail this challenge, or the lack thereof—Dele issued a #DeleChallenge2.0 as well on his social media recently.

 Good luck trying to ace that one, 'cos you will lose your mind trying to figure it out!