Here's What Anil Kapoor Thinks of His Son-In-Law Anand Ahuja

"He’s not my son-in-law, he’s like my son... I’d say friend. "

Girl meets boy. Boy meets girl.

They both fall in love. Beginning of an eternal love story, you'd say. Err...NO. 

Not before the father of the bride gives his approval. Bollywood-y, much?! 

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja's #EverydayPhenomenal posts show how they both are head over heels in love. But, even after the wedding announcement was made, the Kapoor family did not say much about their son-in-law, Anand. Naturally, everyone was curious to know what Sonam's family thought of this new relationship.  


In an interview with a leading daily Anil Kapoor was asked how Anand S Ahuja is as a son-in-law. Here's what he said,

"He’s not my son-in-law, he’s like my son... I’d say friend. We bond over health, fitness and loving our parents and family. He’s very work-oriented, so we talk about that. Of course, there are things that I learned from him, since he has travelled so much, has studied in one of the best universities. These things I’m taking from him. He’s young, and comes up with great, fresh ideas where health is concerned. He has got a lot of depth and is very spiritual. It’s a combination of so many things we relate and connect to."


Are there any son-in-law goals hashtags? 'Cos, this is it.