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Ranveer Singh Gave the Most Moving Speech After His Engagement and We Can't Deal

*tears of happiness*  

If you, too, are refreshing your Instagram feed 100 times a day in the hope of seeing some inside pictures from #DeepVeer wedding, you're not alone, buddy. 

Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are all set of get married today at Lake Como in Italy. With only 40 guests in attendance and a strict 'no phones' policy in place, the chances of any picture making it to social media are quite grim. Sigh.

However, according to a report in The Deccan Chronicle, an extremely heartwarming thing happened at DeepVeer engagement ceremony. The groom to-be, Ranveer went down on his knees and asked for Deepika's hand at the family dinner. But, save the awwws because the list of uber-romantic things that happened last night has only begun. 


After the ring ceremony, Ranveer gave a speech wherein he expressed his love for his to-be wife, Deepika! It was a very emotional moment and the bride could stop her tears from rolling down her cheeks. 

The couple chose western wear for this occasion—Deepika Padukone wore an off-white dress and Ranveer Singh donned a black suit.

deepika ranveer

We C.A.N.N.O.T. wait to see them in their wedding avatars!