Taylor Swift Used Sharpie as Eyeliner, and I Cannot Handle It


Hello, and welcome to THE CRAZIEST DAY OF 2019 (don’t worry, Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson—you can have the drama baton back tomorrow). Taylor Swift, queen of love songs, tea spilling, and drama, just came out of the shadows with a cover interview for Elle, during which she talked about carrying army-grade supplies, being bullied after her Kim/Kanye feud, and most importantly, wearing freaking Sharpie as eyeliner. YUP!

In the interview, Taylor takes a brief break from her soul-baring childhood stories to discuss her beauty routine—and her beauty mistakes.


But the most shocking revelation? That she was “occasionally using a Sharpie as eyeliner.” Um, hello, what? I have questions—namely, when?! Where are the photos?! Are your eyelids still in pain?! Although Taylor rightfully warns “DO NOT DO IT,” I still can’t believe that it looked—and felt—good enough that she chose to wear it multiple times.

Was that the pen you used, Tay?! WAS THAT THE PEN!?!

In case you’re considering reliving Taylor’s teenage beauty nopes, I highly recommend you don’t. Sharpies can be caustic and incredibly irritating, and they should literally never go near your eyes. Instead, you can get your fiercest T-Swift cat eye using a legitimately good (and cheap!) drugstore eyeliner.