"I Can't Cook, I'm a Terrible Wife": Priyanka Chopra

The actor opened up about her marriage to Nick Jonas.

We're sure that by now you guys know that we're obsessed with everything #Nickyanka. And can you really blame us? They're a new age power couple, if there ever was one. So, obviously, when either of them lets us in on deets about their relationship, we're all ears!


Recently, Priyanka made an appearance on the talk show, The View, and got quite candid about her marriage. “He is from a good Southern home where his mother made food, and I am not like that. I am a terrible wife in that sense," she said, admitting that the she can still make eggs and toast, though. Ugh, relate much? 


Add to that, apparently Nick's response to her lack of culinary skills was the cutest ever: "When I told him I can’t cook, he said, “It’s alright babe, neither can I.” (Where can we find ourselves a Nick Jonas, please?) 


Priyanka also spoke about how the video of the Jonas Brothers' hit song, Sucker, came about with the three brothers and their partners: "It was actually just a dinner table conversation and we were taking about video girls and the boys looked around the table and looked at us and were like, ‘Look who we’re married to.’ And that is how it came about,’” she said. 

Brb, finding a way to get adopted by Priyanka and Nick Jonas.