Varun Dhawan Opens Up About Toxic Online Trolls Attacking His Relationship

The actor reveals how threats against his girlfriend Natasha Dalal hurt him, and how people should respect his need for space.

Being in love is the most wonderful thing, but being a celebrity puts you, your relationship and your SO in the limelight, even if you don't want it. Take the case of Varun Dhawan and Natasha Dalal, one of the most rock solid and adorable long-term couples in tinseltown. The two of them had been the best of friends, and went on to fall in love, officially going public with their relationship last year. 


Given Varun's star status, his relationship with Natasha is aways being watched by the his fans, the media and the paparazzi. Even though Natasha herself has no connection to Bollywood (she is a fashion designer), she finds herself in the spotlight more often than not, and not always in the most pleasant way. Since Varun has been quite open about expressing his love for Natasha (awww), she seems to have unfortunately become the target of social media trolls. And then, a few days ago, things took an extremely ugly turn. A female fan of Varun's, wanting to meet him, actually threatened to kill Natasha outside his residence. The police have registered a non-cognisable complaint against the girl, who created a ruckus, got aggressive and kept saying, "I will kill Natasha." The matter got worse and the security guards had no option but to call the cops.


In a recent interview, Varun stated that when people write things about his girlfriend Natasha and him, it hurts him the most. He mentioned that people need to respect his space and should refrain from saying things about her. This is what he had to say:

 “Everyone knows I have a girlfriend and that I have been in love for a very long time with Natasha. So sometimes when people use that and make up stuff, then that I don't appreciate that and I feel like that is my thing and I think people should respect.” 

We totally agree with Varun, and hope people understand that actors, just like all of us, need their privacy. Lashing out against the ones they love is a complete no-no, don't you think? Let's hope that people stop this toxic behaviour, ASAP.