Adele's Comeback Single is Effing AMAZING!

She had us at Hello.




​We missed you Adele... (we just had to get it out of the way!)

Let's face it, our love life and especially breakups would have been so dull without Adele, right? When we saw the teaser of the singer's new single—Hellowe couldn't wait for it to release. And but of course, it had to break all the records!

It's not even been a full week since Adele comeback song released, and it has already taken over the Internet (and, also the world at large!).  The singer's first single in three years has broken all records—Hello is set to become UK's Fastest-Selling Single of 2015, has already reached combined sales and stream figures of 165,000, and clocked up 133 million YouTube views!

Soon after the teaser, everyone went into a tizzy trying to decipher what the song is all about. It turns out the real meaning of those hurts-yet-feels-soo-good lyrics have nothing to with an apology (as it seems like when you first hear it). 

Adele clarified in an interview that Hello isn't about anyone specifically...it's about everyone—herself, her friends, her family, her ex-boyfriends, and also...wait for it, her fans (yay ?).

Striking and addictive, watch the all-new song here:

[youtube ]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQHsXMglC9A[/youtube]