This Picture of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sushmita Sen is Going Viral

No, not THIS one. This is just #ThrowbackTuesday




On Saturday night, Sushmita Sen was at the extravagant Ambani do and her Tweet pic with this beautiful moment caught on camera, of her and former beauty pageant 'rival' Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, made the internet go NUTS. Why? Because of how time has passed so gracefully for them both...and you know, how there was zero rivalry between the alleged 'competitors' despite all the ups and downs they'd been through.

It's been over two decades (21 years, to be exact) since Aishwarya forfeited the crown of Miss Universe to Sushmita Sen in 1994, and came a close second as Miss World. In a record moment for the country, both ladies went on to win their respective international pageants and made us all die of excitement and chest-puffing pride. While Aishwarya has technically had more 'success' than Sushmita, and sparked off many a rumour about an ongoing 'rivalry' Sushmita poo-pooh's it all in her heartwarming Tweet accompanying the picture. 

Here's looking forward to another Insta moment twenty MORE years down the line! (Or, you know, whatever the hell future Insta looks like. Live projections? Clay people? Let the guessing games begin.)