16 Priyanka Chopra Reactions You Can Use In Everyday Situations

Pee Cee's got you covered!




1) When your crush comes over to your house and you have to pretend that you're always lounging around in an evening gown and are totally cool.

2) When you have to say goodbye to your friends but also want to be fierce AF.

3) When you forgot to put on your top that morning, and have to make do with a curtain wrapped around yourself.

4) When you're dancing in the club and spot a cute guy across the dance floor.

5) When you want to embarrass any ​random guy you meet in the hallway.

6) When all you want to do is load your gun but Shah Rukh Khan keeps interrupting you.

7) When you wake up after a rad Friday night and have no memory of the night before.

8) When someone reminds you of a time you acted silly and you have to act even more sillier to take everybody's mind off of that.

9) When you're hanging out with your friends, and your crush walks by and you have to act all normal.

10) When you see that you've accidentally liked your crush's post from 56 weeks ago, on Instagram.

11) When someone you hate starts speaking.

12) When someone asks you if you're acting crazy because you're on your period and you have to use the Force to teach them a lesson.

13) When you attend a wedding looking fine as hell but all the old relatives start asking you what your life goals are.

14) When someone asks if you want more dessert after you've already had dessert after a heavy dinner.

15) When your mom asks you if you've eaten the last piece of chocolate cake in the fridge.

16) When you're a cop and somebody plays your jam.

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