So This is What Sandhya Mridul is Outraged About!

This Angry Indian Goddess has made a very valid point.




​Actor Sandhya Mridul tells us what makes her blood boil!

"There's plenty that makes me furious, but the one thing that persistently makes my blood boil is cruelty towards animals. I'm really passionate about the cause and I also support World For All, an organisation that works towards animal care and adoption.

When my dog died two years ago, I wanted to get a new one, but decided it was unfair...I live alone, so there's nobody to look after them at all times. Instead, I take care of stray animals, rescue them if they're sick or abandoned, and help them get adopted. Not too long ago, I heard about an abandoned St. Bernard in Delhi and posted about her on social media. My brother and sister-in-law, who live in the city, rescued Alexia. It's been eight months and she's still not okay (probably because the previous owners beat her up). That's the kind of cruelty that really makes me angry!"

Photograph: Vishesh Verma