Sunny Leone Reveals What She REALLY Thought of Her Viral Interview

"It's not something that hasn't been asked before, it's the style in which they were asked..."




​In case you haven't heard anything about the 'Sunny Leone Interview' by now, then I'd like to know how you fit under a rock which you obviously have been living under.

But since I am thoroughly fascinated by your accommodation choices, I will recap the events for you:

The interviewer, Bhupendra Chaubey, had repeatedly asked Sunny about her 'regrettable' past and was extremely judgmental. Sunny (kudos to her) remained graceful and poised throughout the interview, not giving in to the urge to retort to the vicious barbs thrown by the interviewer.

Not surprisingly, the interview went viral and EVERYBODY rallied (on Twitter mostly) in support of Sunny Leone. A lot of Bollywood celebs also came forward and expressed their support for Sunny Leone and their disgust at the interviewer's judgmental questioning.

But finally the woman of the hour has responded!

In an exclusive interview with BBC Asian Network, Sunny revealed that even though the interviewer didn't ask anything that hasn't been asked (or implied) before, the way he asked and the words that he used were different.

On the overwhelming support from Bollywood, she says that she feels that they (the actors) might have been in the same situation at some point, and so they can empathize with her more and even though a lot of them had refused to share the same screen space or platforms as her, she feels they might have been influenced by what the media has portrayed her as.

Watch the full BBC interview here.

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