8 Signs Your Boyfriend is Ranveer Singh





Unless you've been living under a rock for the past few years, you're well aware of the ever-so-cute relationship Ranveer Singh and Deepika Padukone have. Recently, Ranveer himself proclaimed him to be the 'best boyfriend ever'–but everybody's been saying that for the longest time anyway. In case you are wondering how he measures up to the love of your life, here's where you draw up your graph...

  1. He shows he loves you to the world: Whether it's excessive amounts of PDA, public declarations or sappy Instagram posts, if the guy isn't shy about declaring his love for you openly and vocally, he might be exactly like Ranveer Singh, who continuously sweeps Deepika of her feet with his (very) public declarations of love.
  2. He travels miles to visit you: Ranveer constantly makes time to visit locations where Deepika is shooting to be by her side. If your beau is more then happy to catch a flight just to spend a few hours by your side, chances are he's a keeper, just like RS.
  3. He is lively, outgoing and extroverted: If you are dating someone who is always the life of the party and the centre of attention, it's a match. Ranveer is always the star of every award function, party or interview, because he's constantly entertaining peeps with his never-ending shenanigans.
  4. He has a super-hot body: No explanations required here. If your boyfriend has a body remotely resembling Ranveer's smoking hot physique in Ramleela, hang on for dear life and never let go!
  5. He makes super-cute gestures that make your day: If he is constantly making Dubsmash videos with you, and bringing you enough flowers to start your own greenhouse, chances are your guy is definitely Ranveer Singh.
  6. He supports your career and success: Ranveer is constantly praising Deepika's work and openly supports her success. Rather then getting insecure about her doing well, he is her Number One fan. His recently posted a picture taken with an 'XXX' sticker on a taxi is evidence of this.
  7. He acts like a teenager in love, even after them having dated for so long: If you are in a long-term relationship and your boyfriend still stares at you in a star-struck manner, much like the day you first met, chances are he is a Ranveer clone.