So Shah Rukh Khan May Have Broken ALL Our Dreams By Clearing This Rumour

*Insert million crying emojis*

Remember when Shah Rukh Khan and Ranveer Singh made a Dubsmash video together and all was perfect with the world? Well, it's not.

While we had pinned all our hopes and dreams (OK, maybe not ALL our hopes and dreams) on the fact that this might mean that they might do a movie together soon, aided by the rumours that it is, in fact, going to be a reality soon, Shah Rukh Khan has shut these rumours down in this statement to the media:

"...no, there's no film like that on the cards. But we meet each other. I think when you go to somebody's party, people assume that you are doing a film with them. Ranveer and I went to Sanjay's party so they started this rumour. If there was another hero, then they would have made it a three hero film.​.." 

So, yes. If you need me, I'll be there in the corner ,weeping.