The 15 Meanest Things People Have Said About Kangana Ranaut on Twitter

'"Boycott this girl! #CharacterLessKangana"




She came out so on top of her recent series of interviews (post her THIRD National Award win, thank you very much) that we know criticism rolls off her back like whaaaat. However, it just goes to show you that no matter how much of a baller you are, the internet is the snarkiest place on earth...

#1. Like, alleging her feminism is of the faux variety

#2. This blatant disregard for even the idea that she's being honest.

#3. Accusing her of using feminism as a shield for her 'lies'

#4. This idea that she's so 'characterless', she's not even worth their time.

#5. This blatant boycotting of her films!

#6. This insinuation that she uses being a woman to get out of trouble.

#7. This attack on the 'kind of language' she uses.

#8. This Hrithik fan accusing her of 'cheap politics'

#9. Okay, going WAY too far and calling her a sociopath!

#10. This whittling down of her baring her soul to a 'PR strategy'.

#11. Hatred for her voice (!!!)

#12. Hating an old song because it has her name in it.

#13. This pronouncement of premature judgment.

#14. This declaration that she's dealing with this debacle only because she has time to spare.

#15. This cry to boycott her in general!

Stay strong, K. Haters are just rotten potaters.