Hrithik Claims That Everyone Will Soon Know the Truth About His Alleged Affair With Kangana

Hopefully, that'll put an end to this ongoing feud!




For all of you who thought Hrithik Roshan and Kangana Ranaut had put the past behind them and moved on...we've got news! At the green carpet at the recently-concluded IIFA Awards 2016 in Madrid, Spain, Hrithik was quoted as saying: "Nothing is behind me. It's in front of me and soon it will be in front of you." 

Both Hrithik and Kangana have slapped legal notices on each other pertaining to the recent controversy, and have been taking open digs at each other since she hinted Hrithik as a "silly ex" in an interview. And when  Kangana refused to apologise to Hrithik, as asked by him, thinks got really murky. 

Well, if we wanna know what really went down, we've got to wait and watch!