So, Sonam Kapoor Chilled With Coldplay Backstage...

...no biggie! *secretly dying inside*




We knew the moment she appeared in Coldplay's Hymn For The Weekend vid, it was bound to happen! Sonam Kapoor, who attended the Coldplay concert in London, also chilled with them backstage...don't believe us? We've got a picture as proof!

Sonam attended the concert with her girl gang in London and had a ball (uh, obviously!). When asked about the concert, Sonam was quoted as saying: "The concert was epic with a great vibe. They played my all-time favourite track Paradise too. I went with my London girl gang, we were singing and dancing all through it."

Oozing a rockstar vibe, Sonam wore an all black look and sported one of the hottest accessories of the moment—the choker! For all of us who couldn't be there, we are living vicariously through you Sonam!