COSMO EXCLUSIVE: Jacqueline Fernandez Shares Her 10 Social Media Secrets

"I'd rather give up ice-cream than Instagram!"

 1) I'd always rather take a Shoefie/ bumfie/gymfie?

A) Gymfie

2. Jackie in a hashtag is..

A) #grateful. 

3. I know it's lame, but I love posts about...

A) Health foods.

4. I'd rather give up ice-cream/Instagram.

A) Ice-cream

5. My favourite emoji is​..


6. To be popular on Insta, you've got to be...

A) Creative.

7. What I learned just by reading Twitter posts:

A) Half the things I know about the environment.

8. One thing that always gives me confidence on Insta is...

A) My fans— they're a cool crowd.

9. The nastiest thing a troll has ever said to me is...

A) 'I hate u'—to, like, some post I'd put up about the sunset! So random!

10. The most powerful thing about social media is...

A) That anyone can use it.