Here's How You Can Wear the Boiler Suit Trend

Although it’s been around for decades, the boiler suit is moving up our wardrobe must-have list at a rapid pace. Here’s how to work the glam-meets-utility look...  


It has many talents

It channels the utilitarian aesthetic— but you can also make it glam. Unzip (or unbutton) the top, and layer it over a T-shirt for casual street style. Or elevate it with a peekaboo lace bra and heeled boots or mules for a feminine twist. 


It Came, It Conquered

It was once a workman’s uniform: the ‘protective overalls’ worn for manual labour. It’s been a thing since World War II. But where men previously dominated it, women are now owning it. It’s gained popularity among celebs such as Rita Ora, Gigi Hadid, and Lena Dunham.

Rita Ora


It’s a Chic Onesie

The boiler suit is a full look, which means more snooze time and less trying to put together an outfit at the crack of dawn. Its collar feature adds extra polish—and because it typically has pockets, you don’t even need a bag!


It’s for everyone

Different styles suit different body types. If you’re curvy, go for high-waisted cuts with a built-in belt. If you have a boyish figure, choose a loose-fitting boiler with a drawstring belt worn around the hips. If you’re petite, a fitted one with flared trousers and high heels will elongate your legs.