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Navarila is a Prague-based store that specialises in knitwear



Shoes by Amsterdam-bsed luxury streetwear brand Public Makes Image



A luxe clutch made from recycled plastic by London-based Cassandra Verity Green



A dress by Dutch brand Fabienne Chapot



Aisha Saraf Kothari, Founder, AISPI



European shoe store, Noe


Making Fashion a table conversation

Belgium-based Aisha Saraf Kothari, Founder of AISPI, is connecting travellers with local designers and boutiques in Europe. Here's how...


Cosmo: Tell us about AISPI...

Aisha: “I started AISPI (pronounced I-Spy) to make fashion a dinner table conversation, to bridge the gap between the everyday consumer and the hidden artists of the fashion world. People are creating art with different fabrics and techniques, but there’s no information on them. I want to give their work a platform.”


Cosmo: Is it difficult for local designers to achieve success?

Aisha: “There are two ways of making it big in the fashion business. You can take the typical route: launch a collection, apply for grants, hire a PR agency, get a retainer, get your releases and distribution, and promote your work. Or, you could
go viral on social media, which is great for you, but can you handle
the production?”


Cosmo: So, how's it going so far?

Aisha: “A while ago, we promoted six designers on Instagram. At the time, nobody knew about them, but now I constantly get DMs and requests for their stuff. It has helped them get visibility and earn money, and that’s the kind of thing I am trying to do with AISPI.”


Cosmo: Is Instagram the new place for upcoming artists?

Aisha: “Well, in terms of Instagram marketing, influencer’s obvious choice is big brands like LVMH and Zara. They pump in thousands of dollars on their social media campaigns as opposed to a start-up or an individual who can only spend a few hundred dollars. Consumers aren’t the problem, brands with big pockets are.”


Cosmo: What are your future plans?

Aisha: “I plan to set up offline stores, where you can experience fashion on a personal level. It’d be a really cool, townhouse kind of a place, where you can meet someone selling French lace or Parisian shoes, even sign up for fashion stock. It’s like Harrods or Selfridges, but for everything upcoming, local, and experiential.



Lush Vineyard



Rose Magnoila


The Fine Print
Designer duo Shivan & Narresh have collaborated with Koovs.com to create a fun collection that’s perfect for your summer vacay. It features exclusive prints, such as Summer Night, Sweet Magnolia, Rose Magnolia, and Lush Vineyard in cool hues like desert rose, sky blue, red dahlia, and mauve glow. Speaking about the collection, Narresh said, “The aim is to illustrate our love for travel and fashion into new categories of street, sport, athleisure, and cocktail wear through the association.”




The True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier Watch, Rado, price on request

Rado has launched The True Thinline Les Couleurs Le Corbusier  collection to pay tribute to the Swiss-French architect, Le Corbusier. Available in nine exclusive colours from the artist’s Architectural Polychromy, these high-tech ceramic watches are durable, scratch-resistant, lightweight, and super-stylish and fun!

The True Thinline Les CouleursTM Le Corbusier Watch, Rado, price on request



Bouquets, All In Bloom, price on request


There was a time when roses tied together with a ribbon qualified as a bouquet. Today, it’s all about aesthetics (both on and off ’Gram). And that’s where All In Bloom steps in. This luxury floral brand not only offers exotic blooms in signature packaging but also lets you opt for quirky artefacts, goodies, macaroons, and cakes to make your gift (and memories) extra special. Check them out on allinbloom.in.

Bouquets, All In Bloom, price on request




California State of Mind
2019 will be remembered as the year that made the ’60s neoprene wetsuits cool again. While Etro opted for surfer-girl inspired ensembles in vivid hues and quirky prints, Hermès showed us how to layer an ol‘ neoprene swimsuit under a leather skirt for work. Prada, on the other hand, played with tie-dye prints to create bright and interesting tops, skirts, and dresses. We love the fact that no matter what the occasion and mood, the options are endless.