These 7 Designers Have Taken the Sustainable Approach to a Whole New Level

In 2020, sustainability is at the top of the fashion industry’s agenda.

Everyone everywhere is talking about climate change and its consequences. And there is no point playing the “who is more at fault” game anymore because eventually, everyone will bear the consequences.


“We all are participants of the high energy-consuming social economy, whether it's the manufacturing industry, food production/farming, transportation or basic dependency on air conditioning,” says Akshra Dalal, Director, JD Institute of Fashion Technology, India. 


In August last year, during the G7 summit, the world witnessed what could be perhaps the bravest move within the fashion industry yet, when the most influential fashion houses, under the direction of French president Emmanuel Macron, came together to form a Fashion Pact.


According to her, “The event saw a coalition of fashion labels with an objective of giving the Sustainable Fashion Movement a major boost in the right direction by setting up a consciously planned and attainable agenda in order to make concrete changes within the fashion industry, instead of depending entirely on the consumer level.”


Over the last couple of years, an array of innovative inventions has been flooding the design world along with alternative, ethically sourced materials. We bring to you 7 designer brands, from across the world that have not only embraced sustainability but have taken it to another level.


1) ORANGE FIBER CAPSULE COLLECTION BY SALVATORE FERRAGAMO: Just a couple of years ago, Salvatore Ferragamo patented a novel process of utilizing common food waste, to be more specific, humble fiber obtained from the skins of edible Orange, the first material extracted from a citrus fruits.



2) LEATHER FREE BAGS BY BOTTEGA VENETA: Bottega Veneta surprised us with the startling collection of entirely leather-free handbags. Leather is replaced with woven Washi, a delicate material (a paper) obtained from the bark of the rapidly growing Kazo tree, found in abundance in Japan and also known a relative of mulberry.





3) FUR FREE BAGS BY GUCCI: Gucci tried to take a strong stand among the leading fashion labels with its decision to go Fur free, setting the stage for other mainstream brands, yet to embrace the ethical, fur-free road, to follow, get inspirations from. 




4) BEAUTY AND THE BEAST CAPSULE BY CHRISTOPHER KANE: Inspired by Disney's 'Beauty and the Beast', especially celebrating the character of Bella played by Emma Watson, designer Christopher Kane has come up with a ready to wear limited edition capsule collection for both the sexes using materials from EU's leading ethical factories, organic cotton, organic silk with complemented with Swarovski crystals.



5) BODICE DESIGNER RUCHIKA SACHDEVA: The young designer, who got trained under Vivienne Westwood in London previously, made a brave statement with her award winning design collection for the International Woolmark Prize 2018 and stood out in contrast to its contemporaries, employing a casually sustainable approach and conscious choice.


6) PERO BY ANITA DONGRE: The designer made a stunning statement with her Eco Fashion brand Pero that attempts to incorporate a novel technique by using paper as a textile.



7) NIKE: Ahead of the Tokyo 2020 Games, the brand debuted progressive new collections featuring sustainable materials for all athletes. As the growing climate emergency continues to disrupt competition and training, Nike’s sustainable innovations signal the brand’s commitment to helping protect the future of the planet – and, consequently, the future of sports. Highlights include their most sustainably designed medal stand uniform in Team USA history, footwear built predominantly from recycled waste and lifestyle apparel that embraces the goal of a zero-carbon future.