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Three fashion enthusiasts reveal their favourite homegrown picks

For the love of local!

It was during the pandemic that the need to promote local brands was majorly felt and recognised. India is booming with homegrown brands with the ability to create unique designs. Why not invest in those and encourage the consumption of Indian homegrown products? Here are three fashion enthusiasts talking about the Indian brands they love. Take notes!

Prathiksha Shetty, Model


 “This lace bodysuit from homegrown label Polite Society is one of the most standout pieces in my wardrobe currently. The bodysuit features padded shoulders and also comes with detachable gloves that help accentuate my ‘fit as per the occasion. I feel so empowered whenever I wear this, and I like to style it with fuss-free silhouettes likes wide-leg or cargo pants. For a more feminine vibe, I wear it with a satin midi skirt.”

Anubhuti Verma, Fashion stylist and director


 “I enjoy wearing retro-inspired pieces, and this multicoloured shirt, featuring the evergreen polka-dot print, is a current favourite. I got it from Carol’s Shop, whose founder Carol Humstoe carefully curates comfortable-yet-chic pieces for both men and women. Since this shirt has so many colours, it is easy to style—I usually opt for a pair of pop-hued pants or shorts. Sometimes, I dress it up with a wrap skirt and boots.”

Priya Singh, Model


 “This dress by Doodlage is made from upcycled waste garnered from ethical production units. I love the colour palette—it’s so soothing—and the comfortable, flowy silhouette. Plus, it has pockets, too, which makes it super-convenient