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Tecno Camon 19 is the ultra-chic companion I needed in my life as a fashion journalist

Making a style statement has never been this easy!

If you’re a fashion influencer, content creator or journalist like me, chances are your smartphone is one of the most important things in your life—something you absolutely cannot do without. My job involves me attending fashion weeks, collection launches and several other fashion events. It often involves me having to create content for digital media. And being sartorially inclined, I understand that being in this industry isn’t just about turning up wearing the latest collections, it also means being able to actually capture your look in clear and appealing imagery, which can be shared on social media.

I need to be shooting videos, editing pictures and audio-visual content, and a lot more. With my life revolving majorly around aesthetics and digital media, what I need the most is a smartphone with not just a good camera but the ability to multitask in a way that makes content creation hassle-free for you! Imagine, if Emily was stuck with a bad phone in Paris! Absolute nightmare! Having said that, with Tecno Camon 19 by my side, I can do all of this and more, with ease! It keeps up with my dynamic lifestyle through its high-performing camera that does justice to my curated looks. 

It makes my #OOTD pop

You know when you wear a vibrant outfit and somehow your phone camera makes it look duller than a wall ripped off of paint? That can be frustrating as your phone’s poor camera quality can ruin a perfectly amazing look. Apart from the selfie camera, Tecno Camon 19 comes with three cameras in the main unit including a 64 MP primary camera, one for bokeh, and an AI module. The phone’s RGBW Sensor captures more light and makes sure the colours of my clothes stay true-to-life and natural, instead of looking washed out. Plus, it helps in brightening photos and makes my portraits pop, so they are Instagram-ready without any touch-ups required. This has made my life so much easier!


Goodbye, blurry night pictures

One of the biggest issues of being a fashion content creator is not being able to get good pictures during night events. When I’m doing a pre-planned shoot, I can control the lighting and choose the time of day during which I want to shoot, but when I’m at dimly lit parties, it becomes difficult. Tecno Camon 19 helps me with exactly that—I get clearer and crisper photos so my fashionable night around town is documented in the best way possible as it comes with an RGBW camera sensor which allows 60 per cent more light to travel through the sensor, thus giving incredible results even in low-light situations. I am also able to switch to a higher resolution, which is 64 MP to ensure even better clarity. What’s more, I love trying out trendy filters on my night captures which enhances them even further! 

It’s all in the details 

A look is incomplete without the minute details—the intricate embroidery, the small embellishments, the subtle pleats and folds. Shining a spotlight on them becomes easier with Tecno Camon 19, as it helps me get clearer backlit photos that reveal more details of my outfit and still maintain the dreamy effect of soft lighting—a win-win! I also love adding a bit of personal touch to my pictures and using a similar form of editing style across images—and Tecno Camon 19 helps me adjust the settings manually for all my pictures! 


Your fashion reels get a glow-up

My work life revolves around creating reels and vlogs! Cleverly shot and edited videos are more likely to get me hits on my social media and with the Tecno Camon 19, that’s just a click away. On this phone, I can blur the background of my videos so my look stands out or play with a variety of transitions, camera movements and music choices in Film Master to make my reels come alive!

Tecno Camon 19 has become an indispensable part of my content creation journey, be it for my work as a fashion journalist or for my own personal use!