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The 31 Fabulous Accessory Labels That Deserve to Be On Your Radar RN

Cosmo Editor Nandini Bhalla zeros in on the coolest accessory labels in the country. Brace yourself for all the gorgeous goodies we’ve stacked up, just for you.      

1. Vipul Shah Bags

Celebrity watchers (stalkers?) would have spotted Vipul Shah’s bohemian pieces hanging off the limbs of many an A-lister—Freida Pinto, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Malaika Arora, Kim Jones... The bags themselves have all the makings of hero pieces: an in-your-face bohemian vibe, laced with a brand philosophy to preserve the rich legacy of Indian textiles through modern designs. Everything from Vipul Shah Bags—the OTT, embellished belt bags, crossbody styles, and oversized clutches—screams India, making them the kind of pieces that demand a second (several?) look, when worn. Belt bags, ₹6,000 each, clutch bag, ₹3,500 each, all Vipul Shah Bags.

2. Hair Drama Co.

Hair accessories are to bad hair days what sunglasses are to, well, bad eye days—life savers. So when the trend made a comeback, some years ago, stylish types went a-hunting for turbans and clips and headbands. Options were limited, and that’s how Hair Drama Co. was born. An e-brand dedicated to your mane needs, Hair Drama Co. offers pieces that club the old with the new, with flair. Pearls, beads, crystals, and luxe fabrics feature heavily in their collection, but in modern avatars. PS: their official blog and Instagram page are like an inspiration board—follow them for a whole new world of ideas. Bob pins, ₹200, evil eye pin, ₹500, slogan pin, ₹700, pearl pin, ₹520, and pearl clip, ₹300, all Hair Drama Co.

3. Doux Amour

French for ‘sweet love’, Doux Amour’s bags are a beautiful, handcrafted plus-one to any outfit (this heart-shaped bag gets my vote). This is a one-of-a-kind atelier, which means you can curate your bag by picking the colour, leather, shape, et al. But what makes me truly happy is that this brand values sustainability as much as craftsmanship—all the products are created using vegetable-tanned leather (which is biodegradable, sustainable, and ages well), and hand-cut, hand-stained, and hand-sewn. Heart-shaped clutch, ₹7,999, Doux Amour; top, Rahul Mishra, price on request.

4. Zohra

If gilded goods are your ultimate indulgence, this label won’t disappoint. Zohra’s statement jewels are handcrafted by artisans in West Bengal and borrow heavily from geometric, 3D designs. Each piece comes with a unique personality as it’s soldered, sawed, carved and shaped without using machinery. Their latest collection, Le Animaux (seen here), is inspired by the wildlife in Savannah—while the pieces feature animal silhouettes, the shapes have the label’s signature, geometric designs. Hoops, ₹3,100, ring, ₹1,500; choker, ₹2,550, necklaces, ₹2,800 and ₹2,550, handcuff, ₹1,500, all Zohra; top, Rimzim Dadu, ₹44,000.

5. Sakshi Jhunjhunwala

Over the years, I’ve come to treat jewellery as less of an add-on, and more like the main affair. Sakshi Jhunjhunwala’s pieces follow a similar philosophy—think bold, unorthodox pieces that were born to be heroes. The designer works mainly with metal, lending a different texture and finish to each piece—and you’ll occasionally spot pearls and gemstones popping up, too. I’m especially fond of the chokers from the new collection—dramatic and worthy of several glances. Necklace, Sakshi Jhunjhunwala, ₹5,000; Denim shirt, 7 For All Mankind at The Collective, ₹29,000.

6. Perona

This young label’s pieces are the opposite of fast-fashion—understated, conservative, albeit undeniably stylish and sophisticated. Perona’s forte lies in redefining existing classics in a way that they adapt to your style, versus dictating how you should be styling an outfit. The accessories—including bags and small leather goods—have a minimalist aesthetic, but are artfully constructed in solid, modern hues. Study a piece and you’ll notice the workmanship (impeccable!), understated details, subtle lustre and supple texture... Phone case, ₹5,000 each, clutch, ₹6,300 each, all Perona; high-neck top, Kanelle by Kanika Jain, ₹3,200.

7. Runway Nagaland

If you’re looking for an ethical accessory brand that also helps local artisans, you’ve found it. Runway Nagaland’s handmade pieces bridge the gap between traditional and modern Naga culture. The brand came into being with a vision to give a platform to local artisans and encourage entrepreneurship amongst the youth. The all-women team (yes!) creates accessories using natural fibres grown in Nagaland, embellishments like natural stones and glass beads, and ethnic embroideries. Earrings, ₹500, Runway Nagaland; top, Vaishali S, ₹25,500.

8. Stylamor

Barely a year old, Stylamor’s pieces have the luxurious feel of semi-precious jewellery, at highstreet prices. Their collection of earrings, rings and cuffs range from dainty to statement, and feature gold accents, uncut gemstones, fringe details, textures and more. The bangles, with colourful stones, certainly speak to the stacker-upper in me—aren’t they such stunners?! Handcrafted bangles, ₹749; rings, ₹499 and stud earrings; ₹999; jacket, Namrata Joshipura, price on request.

9. Ornamas

Every jewellery piece by Ornamas is curiously compelling—like pieces of art, if you may. Designer Ojasvita Mahendru is a self-confessed “art fanatic”, which explains why many of the creations have a decorative, sculptural quality to them. I particularly like the Sunflower range of chokers on the Ornamas website—a delightful balance of delicate and chunky, that I know you will wear often. Neckbib, ₹24,000, earrings, ₹12,000, both Ornamas; tuxedo dress, H&M, ₹2,999.

10. Manifest Design

This vegan brand gives a sculptural twist to Indian designs, blurring the line between art and fashion. I love that each piece is super-wearable—born to work equally well with a jeans-and-tee set, as it would with a structured pantsuit. A lot of Manifest Design’s inspiration comes from traditional Indian metalsmiths and jewellers, and their ideology is to go beyond style and cultural boundaries, to create jewels that have a recall value. Even better, Manifest Design is committed to craft-based designs, and to reduce their carbon footprints and be more sustainable, many of the raw materials are recycled. Brooch, ₹8,600, hand cuff, ₹3,500 (gold) and ₹4,500 (rose gold); top, Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, ₹18,200.

11. Tsara

Inspired by the grandeur of Indian destination weddings, Tarun and Natasha Jagwani founded Tsara to offer luxe jewels, without hefty price tags. All of their pieces are set in silver and adorned with semi-precious stones, keeping in mind how stressful travels can be—but they look just as fabulous as the real deal. Offering four different ranges to complement various wedding occasions, Tsara caters to the modern Indian woman who seeks traditional jewellery with a twist. Rings (left to right), ₹4,999, ₹5,000, ₹7,499 and ₹7,499, all Tsara; cape, Suneet Varma, ₹25,000.

12. Love To Bag

I’ve always been drawn to modern accessories with a strong Indian vibe to them. Which is why Love To Bag is part of this list. Lending a luxe touch to on-trend styles is what this label does well. Whether it’s a clutch, a sling bag, or a fanny pack, you’ll notice signature details like embroidery, embellishments, and the use of plush fabrics. Founded by Ayushi Kanoi Gupta in 2011, Love To Bag merges ethnic and modern silhouettes flawlessly to create pieces like the fanny packs featured here (my favourites!). Monogram fanny pack, ₹4,500 (wine) and ₹3,900 (grey), both Love To Bag; blazer, Ralph Lauren, ₹21,690.

13. Hyperbole

You know that spot between subtle and standout? Jewellery label Hyperbole has taken a seat there. Founder Gazal Kothari believes in creating versatile pieces that can be worn with any outfit you bring to the table. Inspired by the subtleties of nature, Indian culture and heritage, Hyperbole’s pieces are set in metal and silver, and feature semi-precious gemstones. The pendant necklaces, featured here, are the kind of classic beauties I’d totally recommend. Necklaces, ₹3,000 each, stud earrings, ₹1,600, both Hyperbole; blazer, Pavoh by Fabio, ₹26,000.

14. Razia Kunj

It’s said that inspiration can strike anywhere, and that holds true for Razia Kunj’s eponymous label. Inspired by Indian temples, folklore, dance forms and tribal art, each piece from this brand is handcrafted and hence, unique. Using wood as the base, Razia creates exquisite shapes using rudraksh beads, threads, arty motifs crafted in enamel and more. Offering accessories for both sexes, a Razia Kunj piece does need a monochrome base to shine—but when it comes to styling it, there really are no rules per se. Earrings, Razia Kunj, ₹4,100 each.

15. Chic Therapy

Founded by Vandana Makhija, who has a formal degree in apparel and accessory design, each piece by Chic Therapy is created with natural elements like wood, shell and stones, and then set in metal. The thing with coloured stones is that it’s easy to get them wrong, but this label keeps things fun, playful and tasteful. I’m a fan of their bracelets—very light and decorated with coloured gems—and suggest you stack them up for a stunning finish. Bracelet (worn as choker), ₹3,000, earrings, ₹4,000, both Chic Therapy.

16. The Right Sided

When this fringed evening bag and embroidered flats entered the Cosmo office, it was love-at-first-sight for many. There is a distinct retro vibe to The Right Sided’s pieces—some ’80s-style glam, you’ll notice—which makes them timeless in so many ways. Do notice the intricate embroidery (which transcends seasonal trends). Deep, decadent colours, festive styles, and beaded details that sway with you are just some of the other ticks. Founder Harshita Ashok Agarwal believes in creating versatile pieces that work with any kind of outfit. For instance, this shoe-and-bag combo would look bomb with a contrasting dress and a structured sari. Box bag, ₹17,500 and mules, ₹22,000 both The Right Sided.

17. Khaore

A New York-based label, Khaore was established with the intent of redefining the way one sees a bag and the objects that inspired it. The label reimagines mundane objects to create utilitarian accessories, crafted in leather, suede, and jute, and featuring subtle details. Co-Founded by Raiheth Rawla and Wei Hung Chen, Khaore uses ethical materials and processes—finished with names like Garbage, Kutchra, and Pillow. Pillow bags, Khaore, ₹25,000 approx; quilted pants, Kanelle by Kanika Jain, ₹10,700.

18. Krafted With Happiness

Parul Taneja and Anushri Shringi founded Krafted With Happiness to create accessories that’ll be part of your ‘good times’. Their team of 30 local artisans (mostly women) handcraft slogan earrings, statement necklaces featuring traditional textiles, art-inspired jewels, and more—a happy touch every bijoux box could use more of. Earrings, Krafted With Happiness, ₹399.

19. Sevdah

This label was founded in a bid to pay homage to the airy sandals—which one often takes for granted. And now Sevdah wants to bring sandals back in mainstream fashion. The result is a range of clean, timeless footwear featuring a fusion of distinct designs and colours...and simple styles that are also surprisingly sophisticated. Flats, Sevdah ₹3,000; socks, Forever 21.

20. Me By MEgha

The appeal of stand-out jewellery will never grow old. And remember-forever pieces is exactly what Me by MEgha excels at. The label experiments with handicrafts, embroideries, textures, fabrics, and abstract motifs to create a range of hair jewels, necklaces, earrings, brooches, and more. And their soon-to-be-launched collection, inspired by Picasso, will be a treat for any jewellery enthusiast. Brooch, ₹3,000, and hairpins, ₹2,500 each.

21. New Leaf

As an animal lover, one of my greatest gripes has been the lack of fashionable vegan bags in the market. Luckily, New Leaf proves that ethical fashion doesn’t have to mean mundane. Founded by Anjali Kanodia in 2016, New Leaf is a PETA-approved vegan brand that focuses heavily on innovation. Anjali draws inspiration from various elements, and puts artistic techniques to use, to create pieces that turn into instant classics. I highly recommend their satchels, totes, clutches, and backpacks in bold colours, soothing pastels, and nudes. Sling bag, New Leaf, ₹1,950; blazer, H&M, ₹3,999.

22. Monokrome New York

At first glance, Monokrome New York pieces look simple, but look again—their designs might be minimalist, but never boring. Born in Manhattan but Indian at heart, their aim is to celebrate Indian heritage and make it global. Artistic patterns, straight lines, monochrome palette on fabrics like silks, jacquards, and cotton are signature elements. This label works closely with artisans, helping them sustain a livelihood, to create bags with a distinct flavour. Wristlets, Monokrome New York, ₹2,149 each; jacket, Michael Kors at The Collective, ₹22,000.

23. Lai Designs

With Lai Designs (Lai means ‘the beloved one’ in Sanskrit), there is more to each piece than meets the eye. This label takes world cultures and historical references and uses traditional techniques to turn them into contemporary jewellery. This is ‘happy’ jewellery, made for women who are looking for something in between the stereotypical ethnic/tribal jewellery and ultra-modern, minimalist pieces, allowing them to establish an emotional connect and relate to cultural elements. Necklace, ₹6,650, earrings, ₹3,400, both Lai Designs; jacket, Ralph Lauren, ₹23,990.

24. The Heel Hustle

The Heel Hustle What originally started as a blog to appreciate the most beautiful shoes in the world transformed into a full-fledged label last year. The Heel Hustle gets that when it comes to finding the right pair, the hustle is real. Founder Bhoomi Parekh’s vision for the brand was to create designs that don’t just lift an outfit, but also our spirits. Their creations are minimalist but come with chic details like plush textures, subtle embellishments, and a soothing assurance that your footwear will complement your look, versus upstaging it. Pumps, ₹2,900 each, The Heel Hustle; socks, Forever 21, ₹199 each.

25. Bauble Love

This is the label to earmark if you are looking for jewellery with a story to tell (bonus buzzwords include ‘consciously crafted’, ‘responsibly sourced’, ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’). Akanksha Chauhan launched Bauble Love in May 2014, and she collaborates and designs with independent designers, entrepreneurs, and artisans from all over the world who create handmade items that are better for the environment. The good goal of Bauble Love is to inspire buyers to make sustainable choices and to establish a relationship with their belongings. Hair pin set, ₹599, and pearl earrings, ₹749, both Bauble Love; faux feather top, Not So Serious by Pallavi Mohan, ₹37,500.

26. Teal By Vrinda Gupta

I was introduced to Teal shoes recently, and instantly fell for the label’s embellished mules—handcrafted, vegan, and very stylish. Their MO: to preserve traditional shoe-making techniques and support skilled artisans. More points to Teal for using discarded fabrics from the garment industry for many of their patterns. Embellished mules, ₹3,400 each.

27. Shutiq

Embroidered footwear always gets my attention, and Shutiq, by Sahil and Kunal Makkar, does some of the best versions. The mules, featured here, are proof of that, but I also recommend their customisation service, to create a pair of decadent, statement, handcrafted, monogrammed sliders. Embroidered mules, Shutiq, ₹8,000.

28. NakhreWaali

NakhreWaali is joyously bright, acquiescently loud, and proudly Indian. Launched in 2016, bright colours, edgy shapes, and cheerful details like mirrors, fringe and threadwork are the staples of NakhreWaali pieces. An eco-friendly label, it captures the vibrancy of Indian culture in accessory form, offering up earrings, necklaces, headpieces, bangles, bowties, bags, and more, that demand to be noticed. Certainly not suitable for the wallflower, yes, but who wants to be one anyway? Earrings, NakhreWaali, ₹2,700; top, H&M Studio, ₹5,999.

29. Modello Domani

A common theme across many Modello Domani shoes is the generous use of luxurious, golden threadwork—it’s an aesthetic that instantly lends a regal air to the label’s brogues, flats and ballerinas. These are also pieces featuring cute emoticons and millennial slang, and the option to customise your initials on to your shoes, in intricate embroidery. The result is striking and opulent. Shoes, Modello Domani, ₹3,999.

30. The Cai Store

In case you haven’t noticed, vegan clearly is the buzzword in the accessory world. This (vegan) brand might just be three years old, but has a clear design philosophy: to create quality products that are comfortable and in tune with the trends of the mo‘. The Cai Store offers a huge range of flats in fun colours, prints and embellishments, and while the heeled options might be limited, they are still very striking—expect colour-blocked versions, buckle details, and luxe fabrics like suede and velvet. Mixing aesthetics with functionality, their designs are perfect for women who lean towards clean, minimalist lines. Mules, ₹999, The Cai Store; stockings, Zara, stylists’ own.

31. Beau Monde

Striking details that turn mundane styles into exceptional is Beau Monde’s USP. Born in 2013, Kanika Chawla, the Founder, uses intricate details like embroidery, embellishments, Swarovski crystals, sequins, and mother of pearl on on-trend silhouettes to create mini pieces of art. Beautiful bags aside, the brand’s recent foray into vegan leather makes me very, very happy. Clutch, ₹7,000 and ₹6,000, both Beau Monde; Top, Gaurav Gupta, ₹75,000. Styling: Zunaili Malik; Photographs: Irina Usova; Models: Jharna Das and Tenzin Chemi at Ninja Model Management and Sky Model Management; Makeup and Hair: Itika Chugh