Here’s Why Conscious Consumers are Making the Switch to Wearing Sustainable Diamonds

Get your #blingfix the right way just like these 4 royal ladies with Limelight Diamonds.

05 November, 2019
Here’s Why Conscious Consumers are Making the Switch to Wearing Sustainable Diamonds

If one thing is for sure, it is that diamonds truly are a girl’s best friend. Since these sparkly baubles were discovered years ago, they have captivated our imaginations and ruled our hearts. What we don’t like, however, are the negative social and environmental repercussions of

traditional diamond mining ( those of us who watched Blood Diamond were pretty shaken up, TBH).


If you are a ‘woke’ consumer looking for a more conscious alternative without compromising on the sparkle, then it is time to make the switch to sustainable or CVD diamonds for your #blingfix.


So what exactly are sustainable diamonds? A sustainable alternative to traditional diamonds, CVD ( or chemical vapor deposition ) diamonds are neither synthetic nor artificial. They are grown by replicating the earth’s conditions in a laboratory instead of being mined from under the surface of the earth, thus cutting out all the negative impact that diamond mining has on the environment and society without losing out on any of the wow factor.




But are sustainable diamonds as real as natural diamonds? The answer is 100% yes! There are many myths associated with sustainable diamonds, and a lot of them are completely untrue. We separate the facts from the fluff and decode the 5 most common myths about sustainable or CVD diamonds.


Myth 1: The diamond creation process of CVD diamonds is completely different to that of natural diamonds.

Fact: False, the process is actually the same except that one happens below the surface of the earth and one happens above the surface of the earth in laboratories.


Myth 2: CVD diamonds are inferior in quality as compared to natural diamonds

Fact: There is no optical, thermal, physical or chemical difference between natural & CVD diamonds.


Myth 3: CVD diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds because they are of poor quality.

Fact: CVD diamonds are created using advanced technology in laboratories whereas natural diamonds are mined from under the surface of the earth. CVD diamonds do not incur the expense of mining and hence are significantly lesser in price, their quality is not inferior to

that of natural diamonds.


Myth 4: CVD diamonds impact the environment and our society in the same way as natural diamonds do.

Fact: In comparison to natural diamonds, CVD diamonds have a significantly lesser impact on the environment and are devoid of social and ethical issues.


Myth 5: You can tell the difference between CVD diamonds and natural diamonds just by looking at them.

Fact: No the naked eye cannot tell the difference between natural diamonds and CVD diamonds. In fact, more often than not, CVD diamonds have a better luster as compared to their natural counterparts. Specifically designed hi-tech machines can tell the difference between CVD and natural diamonds.


Redefining the love affair with the precious stone while working towards sustainability is India’s first luxury lab-grown diamond brand – Limelight. The brand was founded by young entrepreneur Pooja Sheth, an investment banker from London and a business student from the LSE, who wishes to give it back to mother earth by crafting a stylish collection of jewelry with CVD Diamonds.


“As resources get stretched and dwindled, the call of the hour is to use technology to create a new kind of heritage that is also conscious of the world and its ecological needs,” says Pooja, who has taken it upon herself to add CVD Diamonds to every conscious diva’s wish list.

Inspiring, beautiful and totally couture, yet easy on the ecology. Crafted to perfection in labs and chiseled to take shape and form that is near art.


The Royal and nobles in India have had a long-standing love affair with diamonds. In the past, Indian royal families often carried trunks full of the finest diamonds to European ateliers, commissioning pieces that continue to be chronicled by experts in the field. In the perfect coming together of heritage and technology, many of today’s royal scions are choosing to own sustainable diamonds, a step in the right direction towards conscious living with handcrafted sustainable solitaires.


As Limelight gets set to launch their inaugural line of precious, certified jewellery, they invite four royal scions to pay homage to the beauty of the Golconda diamonds that their forefathers so graciously wore. Rajkumari Rajeshwari Kumari Patiala and Pooja Kanwar of Darkoti, joined Jema Mrinalika Manjari Bhanjdeo with her sister Jema Akshita Manjari Bhanjdeo of Mayurbhanj to launch the collection. Dressed in Samant Chauhan’s Winter couture gowns, made from indigenous silks, they revel in supporting ‘sustainable style’ and ‘diamonds with a heart.’



“The idea of CVD diamonds is quite innovative and I think it is going to take the industry by storm,” feels Rajeshwari Kumari, from the royal family of Patiala, Punjab.



Mrinalika, from the royal family of Mayurbhanj says, “We are millennials who have to also keep a rich legacy alive. These diamonds reflect the brilliance of jewels our ancestors wore. Yet they help keep the planet alive for our future citizens to live in. What could be a better blend?"



“Everyone now a days just questions where and how, anything that you wear or you’ve bought, is sourced. It is comforting to know that with these CVD diamonds, I can exactly tell where it comes from,” says Akshita, from the royal family of Mayurbhanj.



“I was quite impressed to see Limelight Diamonds’ latest CVD jewellery collection, that perfectly fits my style and the fact that it is pocket friendly is an icing on the cake.” Says Pooja Kanwar, Royal Princess of Darkoti, Himachal Pradesh.


To top it all is the 50% money saved as CVD Diamonds don’t incur huge mining costs, which ultimately is passed on as a benefit to the consumer. Sustainable (CVD) Diamonds are not just beautiful, but they do not bear the burden of ruining the environment. And Limelight that espouses transparency and craftsmanship, gives us every reason to shine brighter every time with sustainable diamonds. Take notes and get woke, ladies!