Fashion and beauty trends from 2023 that will snowball in 2024

If you haven't joined the bandwagon yet, you have the next year to try these trends out!

01 January, 2024
Fashion and beauty trends from 2023 that will snowball in 2024

With 2024 almost upon us, the culture of trends continues its influence on the fashion and beauty landscape. Styles marked by their unique blend of comfort, sustainability, and bold expression, are not just fleeting fads but trends that are set to define the aesthetic of 2024. From eco-conscious materials to vibrant patterns, here are some of the trends that are expected to reshape our wardrobe choices for a more fashionable future. 



Characterised by ruffles, lace, and soft pastels, the hyperfeminine trend made a strong comeback in 2023. It's all about embracing femininity through fashion. This style is anticipated to evolve and gain more popularity as people stock their wardrobes with statement pieces and accessories that highlight femininity.

Quiet luxury

Understated elegance and high-quality materials without overt branding is what quiet luxury is all about. The trend appealed to many who preferred timeless pieces over fast fashion. Its popularity is likely to increase in the coming year as more people look for long-lasting and versatile wardrobe staples.


Be it low-waist jeans, or baguette bags, this year's return to the colourful and glitzy styles of the early 2000s is all set to dominate fashion and design trends in 2024, bringing back a millenium-era aesthetic with a modern twist.


Face and body jewels

Adding a touch of glamour, face and body jewels were a hit this year, seen everywhere from red carpets to the runway. It gained popularity among the common folk for special occasions and events. This trend is forecasted to grow in 2024, with more innovative and intricate designs becoming available for personal adornment.

Skin tints

Skin tints, offering a lighter, more natural coverage compared to traditional foundations, were seen everywhere this year. Aligning with the trend of natural beauty, these emphasise a healthy, glowing complexion and are expected to be a go-to product for many in the coming year.

Glazed Blush

While people have always loved a gentle blush as part of makeup routines for decades, this year saw influencers and celebrities rocking the 'glazed blush', or a makeup technique in which the blush is placed slightly above the apples of the cheeks for a sculpted finish. This is certainly going to become a go-to for people who love experimenting with their make-up in the coming year.