What is the mouse colour trend and why is the internet going gaga over it?

Just looking like a WOW!  

By Sakshi Deshmukh
26 October, 2023
What is the mouse colour trend and why is the internet going gaga over it?

If your favourite pass time activity is mindlessly scrolling through Instagram reels, there is a good chance @designmachinesuitslive's viral ‘just looking like a WOW’ reel has consumed most of your brain space in the past week. And we don’t blame you, because designer Jasmeen Kaur and her daughter have got us hooked, too. From ‘mouse colour’ tops to ‘ladoo peela’ suits, the duo’s marketing skills have finally caught the Internet’s eye. But in case you are disconnected from the world of social media and have no clue what we are talking about, here’s all you need to know about the trending videos, for we predict ‘mouse colour’ is going to be the colour of the year. 

What is mouse colour? 

A few days ago, a user shared a video of the mother-daughter duo attempting to sell their incredible pieces in a rather quirky way—they chose to describe their attire with colours that even a layman can relate to or associate with. That’s how ‘mouse’ and the ‘ladoo peela’ colour came into existence, and yes, they mean it quite literally. 

What more, you ask? It is probably their style of marketing that made them a sensation overnight. So much so that actor Gauhar Khan hit 'add to cart' and purchased a few ethnic pieces from the page. With a total of 438k followers on Instagram, @designmachinesuitlive has been making rounds ever since. 


Why is everyone talking about it? 

Let's be real here, a phrase like ‘Just looking like a WOW’ or ‘mouse colour’ was sure to get people talking and making the duo internet’s favourite hype girls. However, the trend gained more traction as several users picked up the audio and turned it into memes. Music producer, Zaynul Jiwani even added a few beats to it, making the Internet groove to the audio. (Watch the video here)

Speaking of its influence in fashion, the Instagram community has now code-named a deeper shade of sage green as ‘mouse colour’. And we can tell you it’s official, for even Orry hopped in on the trend as he wore distressed denim and a tee with 'mouse-coloured' sleeves at a recent party.