#CosmoExclusiveInterview With Celebrity Stylist Tanya Ghavri

A shy girl’s initiation into sartorially bolder choices, the trends to look out for ATM, the art of wearing glasses on a glam night out and a whole lot more—Cosmo caught up with the celebrity stylist on all things fashion (and styling). Get your pens out, ladies, you may wanna take notes…

Cosmo: How did you decide to get into styling? 

Tanya Ghavri: “I had gone to NYC to study design fundamentals, and ended up falling in with fashion! Then there was no looking back—I worked on Aisha with Sonam [Kapoor] and Pernia [Qureshi] and caught the fashion bug from them….it hasn’t left me since!”


C: What do you feel are the most important skills a stylist should have? TG: “Patience, and the will to work super-hard and not care about the timings. It’s not a 9 to 5 job so it’s very important that every stylist understands this. And to keep yourself updated and relevant. It’s a very creative field—you are always thinking and creating…there are boundaries to that as the possibilities are endless!”


C. And how much can a stylist expect to make?

TG: “It depends…there are many ranges, so the money also differs for different stylists, but I’d say anywhere between 1 to 5 lakh a month.”


C: How can a sartorially-shy girl ease into braver style-territory? 

TG: “Go step by step—you don’t need an overnight transformation. If you’re extremely shy, take it one day at a time: try something outside your comfort zone every day.”


C: And what are some essentials that one can add to their wardrobe to make it a little bolder?

TG: “A very little black dress; a dangerously slinky, nude dress; a boyfriend blazer; a gorgeous black corset; and thigh-high black boots.”


C: What’s the one tough trend you’re loving right now… 

TG: “Crop biker tights. If you have the body and the confidence, you must try it…it’s just so hot RN! Pick the biker shorts in high waist, and pair them with a big neon boyfriend blazer and biker boots, and accessorise with thin, layered necklaces.”


C: And the one thing you wouldn’t be caught dead wearing?

TG: “Dungarees!”


C: What is 'well dressed' according to you?

TG: “Being perfectly comfortable in your skin, and not trying too hard! Whatever you decide to wear, own it like a boss. And, of course, having an innate aesthetic. Very few people are well dressed, most are a bit lost, from what I’ve observed over the years.”


C:  Who are some women you think take the greatest style risks?

TG: “Olivia Palermo, Sonam Kapoor, and Lady Gaga.”


C:  You recently took a masterclass at the unveiling of John Jacobs’ Fall Fest collection. What’s your favourite thing about the range?  

TG: “All the pieces are so versatile! They’re trendy and fashionable and add to one’s look. It’s almost like you’re accessorising your look with them. And the best part is that there’s something for everyone and for each face type in this collection.”

C: Do you have any favourite piece from the range?

TG: “It’s hard to pick one! There are some cool animal print, tortoise-textured glasses. I really like those.”


C. Glasses are largely associated with a geeky look. If one were to wear them on a glam night out, what would some of your tips be? 

TG: “Pair a nice bold pantsuit with a sleek hairdo and a really dark shade of glasses—it’s a super-easy way to instantly glam up your look. Go with more neutral glasses for a sharper look.”


C: What would your one, ultimate style tip to Cosmo women be?

TG: “Always, always have a white shirt in your wardrobe. And wear it with a twist: experiment with the way you style it. Also, own a pair of sailor trousers: they are a hit at every age. A fashionable, functional shoe that works from day to night; a pair of statement earrings; and the right innerwear are some other must-have game-changers.”