Model Sanea Shaikh on How to Have a Flawless Shopping Experience

#ProHack: don't waste time looking at 100 options!




What is your shopping philosophy? 

"I'm usually very decisive of what I want, so I don't waste time looking at 100 options. If I like something, I pick it up right away!"

Which shopping websites should we be checking daily for good deals?

"I'd say ASOS and net-a-porter.com. Closer home, perniaspopupshop.com is fabulous!"

What are your top three tips to being a better shopper?

"One, always know what you want before you go shopping. That way, you won't end up buying something you don't need. Two, aim to get a good deal on the pieces and don't follow trends blindly. Three, if you see something that's not trendy, but will make a strong statement in your wardrobe, go for it!"

What's the one thing shoppers should be on the look out for?

 "Sales, sales, sales!"

As a buyer, what do you look for in clothes?

"I always pick comfort over anything else. I buy pieces that suit my body type, and make a statement."