Your Horoscope for the Week of June 3

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

This week is all about balancing the head and heart. Up first is Monday’s new moon in intellectual Gemini, helping us practice mindfulness and strong communication skills. Mercury enters emotional Cancer on Tuesday, giving the zodiac the language of the heart. And then, on Saturday, Venus enters Gemini, making smart, articulate, and mischievous types appear particularly attractive.


A new moon in your thinking and speaking sector on Monday inspires you to practice adaptability and detachment. Tuesday’s Mercury move takes you from the head to heart and helps you share your observations and emotions. On Saturday, Venus changes signs, making your heart race for intelligent suitors.


Monday’s new moon manifests your intentions for personal and financial safety. Keep your thoughts positive all day! Your thinking and speaking skills get a major boost when Mercury changes signs on Tuesday. And you'll attract more abundance, luxury, and beauty when ruling planet Venus switches on Saturday.


Your year begins on Monday with the new moon in your sign. Set intentions for your wildest dreams, then get to manifesting! Is financial security on the brain? Mercury’s move into your income sector on Tuesday gives you the inspo to make it rain, and Venus’ move on Saturday boosts your romance prospects, making you totally irresistible.


Monday’s new moon in your completion sector helps you take the first step toward letting go of what you don't need. Mercury moves into your sign on Tuesday, giving you strategies and words to bring about closure. Venus’ sign switch on Saturday beautifies your healing and spirituality sector, validating the decisions you make about self-care.


A new moon on Monday helps you take the lead when it comes to friendships, connections, and community—think about your intentions in those areas. Mercury’s move on Tuesday inspires healing and a committed spiritual practice. Saturday’s Venus switch blurs the lines between romance and friendship. Combine the best of both.


Monday’s new moon is listening to your career intentions—visualise your best-case scenarios, and they'll come to fruition quickly. Mercury’s move on Tuesday balances work with socialisation and friends, and Venus enters your career sector on Saturday, aligning you with mentors, opportunities, and charisma on the job.


A new moon in your travel and education zone on Monday is listening to your intentions on life expansion—dream big, live big! Mercury joins your career zone on Tuesday, giving you a boost of intelligence and eloquence on the job. Finally, on Saturday, Venus lights up your expansion zone, helping you feel super optimistic.


Monday’s new moon wants you to be authentic and candid with others. Mercury enters your optimism sector on Tuesday, helping you prioritise education and travel, and Venus moves into your sexuality sector on Saturday, making you irresistible to suitors.


Monday’s new moon is listening to your intentions regarding what you want to give and receive romantically. Mercury enters your intimacy zone on Tuesday, helping you understand relationship dynamics more truthfully and with sex appeal. Finally, Venus lights up your love life on Saturday, attracting experiences that'll have you feeling enchanted all spring.


A new moon on Monday manifests your intentions for wellness, organisation, and personal growth. Mercury enters your relationship sector on Tuesday, improving your negotiation skills and attracting you to the intellectual types. On Saturday, Venus’ move beautifies your routine, health, and attention to detail.


A new moon on Monday wants you to set intentions that'll foster your creative passions. Believe in yourself, then work hard to manifest it! Mercury moves into your health zone on Tuesday, helping you prioritize wellness, and Venus makes you feel more confident on Saturday when it beautifies your charisma, creativity, and joy sector.


Monday's new moon is listening to your intentions on home, family, and emotional safety. On Tuesday, Mercury enters your confidence sector, helping you move in the direction of your dreams. And finally, Venus’ homecoming on Saturday allows for an easy, beautiful journey back to familiar surroundings.