Your Leo Horoscope for the Month of December 2020

Our in-house astrologer Jai Madaan tells you what's in store for your sign

Love &Relationship: Dear Leo, your relationship with your spouse will remain stable this month. The position of Mars will help you in making your relationship more harmonious. For those of you who are single, you will get many opportunities to find yourself a potential suitor. Hence, be prepared to express your feelings freely. Besides, expect your family members to be extremely supportive of you. 

Career & Finance: You will be able to accomplish your goals with tact and ease. Your relationships with your colleagues will also be extremely cordial. At the same time, social contacts will help you move forward with respect your career prospects. On the financial front, you may have to take some very important decisions. You may make some alterations in your investment plans and should be prepared to face minor losses. All risky investments should be avoided for the time being.

Health & Fitness: You will face no major health problems this month. Cleansing of the body through detoxification procedures will help you stay active. Exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet regime to stay in shape.