Libra horoscope for the month of October 2022

The stars spell secrets about your future—read on to find out the predictions for your sign by celebrity astrologer Jai Madaan. 

05 October, 2022
Libra horoscope for the month of  October 2022

For career & income

Some positive negotiations will bring hope and charm. Your superiors may have faith and respect in you. All your efforts to succeed in the first half of the year may be fulfilled in the 2nd half of October. You may complete the construction of a new house with bank aid. Your experience and knowledge will play a major role this month. You may be entrusted with responsible projects or assignments. People engaged in acting, fine arts, foreign trade and contractual works will prosper well. Jupiter will play an active role in the formulation of future strategies hence you can enjoy similar results.

Lack of interest is the main reason for your worry and anxiety. You should try to complete your activities within the stipulated time by devoting more time and energy. You should be more serious by fixing short-term targets. However, with a tactical approach, you may resolve a few temporary problems. There is every possibility for the misconception or misinterpretation about others.

For love & family

You may experience struggling results during this month. Love affairs started during this month will face a lot of trouble. You should be careful in selecting your lover or a life partner. There may be suspicion, lack of trust and arguments with the spouse. There should be two-way communication between both of you. However, politicians may gain through such a disposition. Jupiter travelling through Cancer may also enrich your reputation. There will be good respect among your caste or creed.

For education and travel

Lack of interest and indiscipline may dilute your performance. You may get a lower score for your talent. You should plan effectively for the optimum utilisation of your skills. Friends or neighbours may try to manipulate your emotions which might be the reason for the underperformance. Lack of understanding with the trainer or faculty may mar your interest. Students relating to HR, IT, aeronautical engineering and cosmology will do well this year. There may be delays in the completion of higher education or PhD program.

You may not be interested in travelling in spite of several opportunities. You may be comfortable at home rather than moving. Be careful with your travelling documents and belongings. There are chances for pickpocketing or theft while in transit. There is a possibility for journeys towards the west of south-west directions.

For health

There are chances of windy complaints, dizziness and inactive digestion. Thus you should consume normal food and strictly avoid spicy and preservative food. The practice of yoga, pranayam and meditation will be helpful.