Sex horoscope for the weekend—it's time to get some of those big Os

Find out what the stars have in store for your sex life.

14 February, 2023
Sex horoscope for the weekend—it's time to get some of those big Os

While cancer may be getting some office romance this weekend, Aries will find action in a party. Taurus is looking for a sexcation and Gemini will take charge. A lot is happening this weekend in our sex lives. Find out all about how it will go!

Jigyasa Chandani, a tarot reader, took it upon herself to let us know what our weekend may look like, when it comes to sexual pleasure. Here's your sex horoscope...


Insecurities and anxieties related to your relationship may be getting the best of you and your sex life. For that and other reasons, you must tackle it, or else your moans will be replaced by sighs. Singles, though, will have an eventful weekend, stirring things up with a hottie at a party. If you don’t have plans yet, make one! 


There is a 'friend' in your life that has the potential to be something more—a relationship or a hot fling, depending on where you take things. This weekend, treat yourself and boo to a getaway. You can expect a lot of intimacy, which can escalate into a wild, wild night! 


You’re in the mood to take charge, in life and in bed! You’re on fire and everyone around you is noticing that, even that cutie you’re thirsting for. Make the most of this ‘main character’ energy and ask them out (and then in!) The ball is in your court. 


Cancer, you have an interesting weekend ahead of you. Someone you know (professionally, maybe) has their eyes on you. If you like them too, chances are the romance will go to the next level and a simple date may end up leading to lots of spontaneous, super-hot sex!


You are overthinking rn and that's killing your vibe. Put yourself out there and live your fantasies instead. Someone you like also has the hots for you. So, don’t hold yourself back. For people in a relationship, your partner is feeling extra love for you, and wants to give you multiple orgasms! 


Open your eyes and look around, someone out there is waiting to take you into their arms. Listen to your intuitions because they can actually guide you to a new realm of pleasure. You have a lot of pent-up energy and this weekend, you will spend it in your bedroom with the right lover! It's time to spread love and legs! 


Some of you may be going through the break-up blues and it stops this weekend! Revamp your dating app profile, if you haven’t already, because that’s how you meet the next hottie in your life. Get ready for some crazy hot sexting with your lover!


You have had some bad experiences recently in your love life and it is directly affecting your sex life. You're holding yourself back. Get some sex toys and start exploring yourself again, to begin with. If you’re single, someone who will go on to become significant will enter your life, sweep you off your feet, and make some passionate love to you! 


You can be very spontaneous this weekend when it comes to your sex life. Expect to get some booty calls or go on an unplanned date with a stranger. You’re in the mood for a quickie but for that, you will have to put yourself out there. There is no harm in making the first move. If you’re partnered up, you're feeling all horned up, and are all set to blow some steam (and more) with them.


You may be content with your love life, but your sex life needs some spice. It's time to put in your creativity to surprise your boo with a date. If you have the right person, you will get in the mood to pamper them in bed. Get out of the usual routine and do something to completely take your bae by surprise! And don't hesitate. Treat your bed as your playground and go crazy!


There are chances of getting sexual with a long-distance lover, who is planning to come back for a short visit and then make you cum! If you're single, you will accidentally and dramatically bump into a hot stranger. It will feel like a movie romance with some hot sex thrown in!


Get your kinky outfit on and put on the handcuffs on your lover! You and your boo are going to get super experimental and wild. You two may get out of the city and go for an extravagant sexcation. If you're single, you will run into someone on your holiday who will know exactly how to turn you on. So, if you don’t have a weekend getaway plan yet, make one!