Your Daily Horoscope for Wednesday August 21st

Our in-house astrologer tells you whats in store for your sign✨


Astrology: With the moon in your natal Zodiac, focus on your relationship with your mother and take care of matters on the home front. You will find yourself being unusually restless.

Tarot: Today you will feel like you have a life purpose and this will make you feel relaxed and will bring you immense happiness. Let your creative juices flow and consider spending some quality time with your loved ones. Something unexpected seems to be coming your way.



Astrology: Temporary mood swings, travel, as well as expenses seem to be on the cards. You might find yourself getting close to a female figure, but it wont work  out the way you want it to. Take good care of things at home.

Tarot: You may feel frustrated about issues at home and the pressure at work, but maintain a calm demeanour. Relax and consider meditating a little bit.



Astrology: With the Lord of Money in the Lord of Gains, consider putting a good deal of effort in negotiations and make the most of them. Spend quality time with your loved ones as it will bring you relief.

Tarot: The cards urge you to utilise your intellectual skills in order to make a profit. It seems like a good time to travel, as it will yield rewards. Your romantic life will also be exciting, so it’s a win-win day today!



Astrology: Finally, with the Eclipse out of the way, it looks like you will be able to make informed decisions. With the Sun transiting into your natal zodiac, you will be on top of your game. The moon has transited into your House of Partnerships, suggesting that today is a good day to express your creative self and bond with your partner. With Venus in your House of Expenses, try to get hold of unnecessary expenses and avoid splurging on shopping.

Tarot: A heart to heart conversation with an old friend might uplift your mood and make the day better. Don’t forget your priorities. Consider taking time out for your family since they may think that you are being aloof. Don’t let people’s accusations get to you today since only your opinion should matter to you, not theirs. It’s time to take a stand for yourself.



Astrology: With three planets- the Sun, Mars and Venus in your natal Zodiac, and with the Sun favouring you, your work will be acknowledeged and appreciated. Be prudent when it comes to your finances. Your professional relationships and overseas projects will work in your favour.

Tarot: You might resist the change that is naturally occurring in your life, but you shouldn’t since it is for the better. Realise that change doesn’t always mean something bad and welcome the changes taking place in your life.



Astrology: The moon in your House of Learnings, indicates an inclination towards spirituality and art. Consider becoming more physically active as it is better for your health. Monitor your mood swings and take control of your anger. Manage your finances effectively and avoid splurging.

Tarot: You might experience an unfortunate incident of robbery or pickpocketing. Forgive the people who have been pleading for forgiveness. A reunion with old friends is on the cards.  



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Happiness and Home, consider refurbishing your house. Things are looking good on the work front. With the Sun transiting to your House of Profession, you will be on the top of your game and your work will be productive, yielding success.

Tarot: You might feel detached from the rest of the world, but if you spend quality time with your loved ones, you will feel better. An exciting surprise is en route, so watch out for it


Astrology: With the moon in your House of Enemies, be ready to face a squabble at work or with your loved ones. Monitor your mood swings and make sure they don’t get out of hand. With Mars still combust, avoid being impulsive and don’t react to anything at the drop of a hat.

Tarot: Try to manage your expenses well, and if you have children don’t be too harsh on them. Avoid entertaining feelings of guilt or self-pity as it can be detrimental in the long run and can slow you down.



Astrology: The moon in Aries urges you to focus on new learnings and to take care of your loved ones. You will find yourself being more concerned about your family and relationships.

Tarot: Your luck seems to be in your favour today. It’s going to be a very fruitful day for you. You might land some deals you’ve been meaning to do for a long time. You will feel relaxed and happy today.



Astrology: The moon in your House of Happiness and Mother, urges you to spend quality time with your mother and bond with her. This will make you feel comforted.  

Tarot: Refrain from arguing with colleagues and family members today, as it may make them turn their backs against you. Certain deals may not work in your favour today. Also try to avoid any arguments with family and colleagues.



Astrology: With the moon in Aries, focus on your friendships and support system. Expend greater efforts on the work front, in order to see better results. Maintain a high level of confidence, as it may flicker today.

Tarot: Be cautious of people who may betray you, as they might try to take advantage of you today. You may feel frustrated as certain things aren’t going your way. But nonethless, maintain a calm demeanour.



Astrology: With the moon in your House of Communication, be assertive in putting your point across clearly. Consider spending quality time with your family.

Tarot: The cards urge you to take care of your health and well being today. Engaging in charity and social work might help lighten up your mood. Don’t neglect your friends and family as it may ruin your relationship with them.


Predictions by Shruti Dwivedi Email: shrutydivedi@gmail.com

Instagram: ://ShrutiDwivediOfficial