5 zodiac signs that excel at the art of kissing

Pucker up!

26 April, 2024
5 zodiac signs that excel at the art of kissing

There is something so magical about a good kiss. Whether you’ve been with your partner for a few weeks, few months, or few years, kissing is an integral part of any relationship. From a simple peck to a full-blown make-out session, nothing turns up the heat and has the power to make you weak in the knees like a good kiss. And believe it or not, your Zodiac sign might actually be dictating how good or bad you are at the art of kissing. 

We’ve curated a list of the Zodiac signs that excel at kissing!


If there is one thing we know for sure, it is that Sagittarians are adventurous. They are thrill seekers and monotony is one of their biggest pet peeves. And it's this quality that most Sagis possess that makes them such good kissers. They don’t worry too much about coming on too strong or going too fast, their kisses are usually impulse-driven and extremely passionate.  



Cancerians take a while to open up, especially in relationships. But once they do, they are like mini romance bombs. They are extremely adept at the skill of seduction and their kisses will always leave their partner wanting more. 


If you like to be teased and tempted before being pulled in for a kiss that will make your ovaries burst and your heart melt at the same time, find yourself a Leo. Their flair for drama and big gestures will ensure that every kiss you share will be a memorable one.  



Scorpions are intense and passionate. And they aren’t subtle about it either. And it's what makes this water sign one of the best kissers in the Zodiac. There is something so primal and possessive (in a sexy way) about the way a Scorpio locks lips, it can make you weak in the knees. These are the kind of kisses that will leave you daydreaming for months after. 


People born under the Piscean sign are incredibly romantic. They generally express their love through tender kisses and forms of physical affection. While it may start out slow, it doesn’t take time for them to turn up the intensity level. This makes them one of the best kissers!