Sex horoscope for the weekend: Here's what's in the cards (and bed!) for each zodiac sign

Will your sex life look like a scene from 365 Days or will you have yet another dry weekend? Find out!

26 April, 2024
Sex horoscope for the weekend: Here's what's in the cards (and bed!) for each zodiac sign

With Mercury Retrograde in full swing right now, many of you will have someone from the past show up—be it an ex or an old friend who wants to stir things up. While Aries is going in full experimental mode this weekend, Leo may have to deal with a spell drier than the Sahara desert. Cancer is taking charge while Gemini is in the mood to rather go with the flow. Aquarius is dealing with temptation and Scorpio is seeking novelty. There’s a lot happening this weekend! 

To find out what your sex life will look like, read your horoscope below by tarot reader, Jigyasa Chandani.


If you are single, you will find that a new ‘love interest’ is sneaking their way into your steamiest thoughts! This weekend, you will feel like taking things up a notch with some roleplay or a kink that gets you drippin’. However, if you haven’t had the kink talk with bae, you may be hesitant to share your fantasies with them. We’d suggest, throwing the reservations out of the bedroom and putting your expectations out there. Chances are, your partner is on and under the same sheet (pun intended!) as you.


Your sex life may be feeling a little dull right now because there are things playing on your mind…things that are bothering you about your partner. While it feels like a rough patch, the communication may as well fortify your connection, which may, in turn, bring sexy back in to your bedroom…or wherever you wanna take things! If you’re single, you may be feeling like exploring options. If you keep your eyes peeled and your libido up, you may end up stumbling upon someone super interesting, especially during your travels. 


Don’t put so much pressure on yourself to have “fun”. Let things take a natural course. It seems like you’ve been a little hard on yourself lately, feeling the pressure to perform or do something non-vanilla. You do you, boo! If you’re throwing or attending a party this weekend, all eyes will be on you, including someone you may find truly intriguing. If you’re already seeing someone (a romantic interest, not a therapist!) it may be time for you to take things to the next level. Intimacy seems to be favouring you this weekend!  


You tend to become the softest person on earth when you like someone a lot. While that makes you cute, Cancer, it’s time to take the power back into your hands. The ball, should be in your court ~don’t think dirty~ and you should be out there, in your alpha persona, making things come (again?!) by! Sex it up, take charge, send that horny text, go for the Cowgirl sex position, and claim your big Os. If you’re single, someone you meet on a dating app may be making a grand entry.


Nothing is killing your libido more than work projects. And this weekend, all you want to do is have your bae by your side (or under you, your choice!) If you are single, chances are a busy schedule has been stopping you from dating lately, leaving you rather parched. This weekend, do not answer any work calls and simply focus on getting your mojo back. Having said that, remember, this is the Mercury retrograde szn which means an ex may show up. Think it through carefully and make sure if you do have sex with an ex, it's not something you will regret later on!


While you are someone who likes to play it safe, this weekend, expect the unexpected! Stranger love, self-love, sexcations, or even threesomes—your desires may be taking you in every possible corner that excites your ‘mones! You are pampering yourself and feeling sexy and ready to charge yourself and your sex toys! This weekend, you’re ready to make bolder moves! 


The planet Venus is in your fourth house, which means that you’ll be working extra hard to make your room a cosy space for you and your lover to have a sexy time. That means adding some scented candles, throwing in soft cushions and fluffy comforters, and playing slow and sexy music (time to refresh your sex playlist). There will be lots of cuddling, kissing, and all the mushy things that you see in a rom-com. If you’re single, be careful, you can get catfished. A lot of you may connect with people from a different city and probably start a long-distance relationship or even a fling—think lots of steamy phone sex and sexting.


Unfortunately, there is not a lot happening in your sex life this week but you’ll fight hard to get the attention of your crush. Scorpions, who are already in a secure relationship, will question its stagnancy. You’re seeking excitement and finding the mundane routine reducing your chances of getting any. Talk to your partner, chances are they will be more than happy to shake things up for you!  


You are amazing at communication and while that gives you praise at work, it also gets you a lot of dates! You love spontaneity and impromptu hookups with a stranger, sexcation plans with bae and quickies with your boo will keep you excited. You can also meet someone at an office party or run into a cutie in a co-working space.


An extravagant vacation with your partner is on the cards. You’ll receive beautiful gifts (silky and lacy lingerie are most likely to make it to the list), and you will end up having a wild time in the bathtub with your lover. If you’re invited to a wedding or a party, get ready to groove because you’ll be meeting a lot of people who will make your insides dance!


Someone new may be grabbing your attention but if you are already with someone, it’s best to stay focused and think carefully before diving into something new. You are seeking a more intimate and spiritual connection with the person you are having sex with. In fact, the more they understand your spirit, the more aroused you will be. If you are already in a relationship, try to build that connection with them. If you are single, you may bump into someone who gets you…and gets you all horny! 


Your sex life is going to get hot and steamy! Mercury retrograde will bring your ex to your doorstep, and it will be one night of wild, steamy, and hot sex. But don’t wake up with regrets the next morning, because they are your ex for a reason. If you’re in a relationship in which you and you alone have to make compromises all the time, it’s time to rethink it. If not an ex, you may end up getting intimate with an old friend after a party. It can be a hot make-out sesh or a quickie, either way, it will help you channel your inner goddess!