The sex position you should try, according to your zodiac sign 

From the slightly-tricky pretzel to intimate spooning, see which one you should add to your sex routine!

26 April, 2024
The sex position you should try, according to your zodiac sign 

If you’re a big believer in astrology, there must have been some point in your life where you’d have wondered if your zodiac sign has had an effect on your sex life. Does the fact that you are a loving and emotional Cancerian or a strong-headed Leo make you gravitate towards a certain position? Turns out, it does!

Read on to discover the sex position you should try, based on your zodiac sign. 

Aries—doggy style 

Aries can be passionate and impulsive, but they are also creative and one of the biggest freaks in bed—they love going all out. The doggy position allows them to release all that passion and energy in just the right way. 

Taurus—face sitting 

Be it in or out of the bedroom, Taureans love asserting dominance and getting their way around. The face sitting position, which involves you to sit on your partner’s face while they pleasure you, seems perfect for them. 



Geminis are equal parts energetic and freaky—they love getting it on! They should try the standing position, which has that risqué factor, and also allows for ample variations. 


Cancerians are extremely loving, nurturing, and emotional. So, any position that promises lovey-dovey vibes is right up their alley. While missionary might look too simple, it guarantees eye-contact, an opportunity to kiss, and plenty of intimacy. 


Passionate, strong, and dramatic—if you had to describe Leos in three words, it would be these. Plus, they also love showing off, so this position, where they get to show how flexible and physically strong they are, will allow them to express themselves in bed. 


Virgos are all about the small things—they love being detail-oriented. So this position, which involves getting everything just right (it relies on both partners to align their bodies similar to the yoga bridge position), seems like the perfect fit.


Libras are all about that balance in every aspect of their lives, including the bedroom. So, sixty-nine seems like the perfect position for them—they can give and receive pleasure at the same time!



Scorpions are the most sexually intense of the lot, so the intimate lotus position seems like the perfect position for them. It is passionate and gives plenty of opportunity for face-to-face eye contact, and if you’re sitting on top then you can also control the situation better, which Scorpions love. 


Sagittarians are adventurous and are always up for trying new things, so a slightly-tricky position that requires them to step out of their comfort zone, like the ‘pretzel’, is something they’ll definitely love!



Capricorns are go-getters that like being the bosses in everything they do. This ambitious sign should try cowgirl in bed—it gives them the opportunity to call the shots and take the reins. 

Aquarius—reverse cowgirl 

Think out-of-the-box, think Aquarians—they love going against the rule and gratifying the rebellious streak in them. The reverse cowgirl position, which flips the traditional cowgirl position by facing the other way, has just the right amount of going-against-the-norm that makes it work for this sign.


Pisces are the final sign, and their nature is to seek stability in whatever they do. They crave sex that is not only emotional and compassionate, but relaxing, too. So, the slow-paced spooning position seems to be tailor-made for them.