10 Reasons Why Your Boy Bestie Rocks





1) He is brutally honest!
Like it or not, he is always honest with you and will never sugar coat anything!

2) He helps you with you 'boy' issues.
He will give you a straightforward answer on that guy who you 'think' has feeling for you!

3) He is always there.
Even when you call him crying over your breakup at 3:00 in the morning, he is all ears! 

4) Best drinking buddy, EVER!

5) You can eat anything you want around him! 
Chaats, pizza, ice cream... he's always game! 

6) Your parents trust you with him.
Going out late night clubbing?! Your parents have no problems as long as your bestie is around! 

7) You can be yourself around him.
You can be disgusting, silly, crazy around him and never feel judged!

8) Drama Free!
And because he is a guy, you can always count on a great, drama free time with him! 

9) Best.Wingman.Ever!
Anytime you are afraid to approach that hottie at the bar, your bestie is right there to help make the intro! 

10) He makes you laugh
He always makes you laugh till your stomach hurts! 

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