7 Signs You and Your Husband Are Ready to Have Kids





You and your hubby have been married for a while and you are starting to have the sneaking suspicion you both may have baby fever! Here are 7 definite signs that you and your other half may be ready to have kids! 

1) You both are obsessed with your friend's babies. 
You guys are so in love with your friend's babies! Anytime they need a sitter, you are all in! 

2) You both talk about having kids. 
You find yourself talking about how life will be once you have kids. In fact, you guys even have the pet names picked out! 

3) You guys treat your pets like your kids. 
Your pets are basically your children. You love and care for them as if they were your babies. #practice

4) You both have toned down your 'going out' lifestyle. 
Partying and going out with your friends has slowed down for you both. Spending weekends in doesn't sound that bad anymore. 

5) You both feel ready. 
Although you could never fully be ready to have kids, you feel like you are at a good place mentally and financially to take care of a little one. 

6) The idea of taking care of a little person does not give you guys an anxiety attack. 

7) You get disappointed when you get your period
...because you secretly wished you were preggers! 

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