5 Reasons You Should Never Date Your Coworker

...don't do it...

21 March, 2018
5 Reasons You Should Never Date Your Coworker

Although it may be hard to resist the temptation with a hot guy so close in proximity, but most people will agree is it best if you don't date your coworker. Here are our top 5 reasons why you shouldn't mix business with pleasure!

1) You may become the talk of the office....and not in a good way. People can start gossiping about you behind your back which could ultimately tarnish your work reputation.

2) You can get distracted. Dating someone who works with you can definitely distract you from getting sh*t done. You may also start to sneak around at work, which is definitely a bad idea as it can prevent you from finishing assignments.

3) You can get fired. Dating within the company may be against company policies. It can get you in hot water or dismissed, if your employer finds out. Even if it isn't officially against corporate rules, it could still be frowned upon by upper management.

4) No balance between work/personal life. There is a fine line between work and personal life, if your coworker is your significant other. You may discuss personal matters at work or vice versa which can interfere with both aspects of your life.

5) Breaking up can make things uncomfortable. Breakups can make things very uncomfortable between a normal couple but can be even stickier if you work with that person! It may make you feel confrontational or upset, which is not acceptable in a work environment.