Your Daily Tarot For Monday May 25th

Our in-house Tarot card reader tells us what's in store for your Zodiac sign.

Aries ♈️

Your partner and you may feel irritable, which can lead to conflicts. Your ego may push both of you to clash without any real reason. Conflicts may also come up at work and arguments can lead to misunderstandings. You need to stand up for yourself. Its not a great time for financial transactions. Take care of your health.

Taurus ♉️

You wish to express your love through action instead of words and want to create a stable and loving home for yourself. Your hard working attitude, dedication and persistence in your work, will lead you to success and a great reputation amongst your colleagues. You are very conscious about your health. You’re very good with your financial management skills.

Gemini ♊️

You require patience and trust for your intuition to work. Be honest with others as it is essential to make your relationships strong. A phase of imbibing education or higher learning is indicated. When making big choices about your future career or projects, it’s best to trust your gut. Pray, meditate and try to spend some time with yourself, so that you can harness your inner strength and use it. Your health is good. Weigh all the pros and cons before investing in any new project.

Cancer ♋️

If you feel betrayed in a relationship, before making any decision on impulse, consider the long term consequences of your actions. Stay away from lies and deceit at work as well. Stay away from colleagues who engage in gossip or badmouthing, as it can adversely affect your reputation. Be cautious about who you trust in this situation. You will have to make use of newer ideas and strategies, to accomplish your goals.

Leo ♌️  

There will be happiness, celebration and fulfillment in your relationships. There will be harmony as well, and you can use this time as an opportunity to create an even closer connection with your loved one. On the work front there will be success, enthusiasm, motivation and happiness. Your work might feel both spiritually as well as materially fulfilling. Your financial condition is strong. Your health is good and slowly improving.

Virgo ♍️

You need to be more aware and conscious of the decisions you make with your partner. Try to keep the communication and trust factor strong and open in your relationships. There will be a lot of options at work, but it is important to be aware about how much time you require to take action. First choose your path and then commit yourself to completing the task. Act decisively, with confidence.

Libra ♎️

You will have to look deep within, before committing into any relationship. Do both of you compliment and support each others growth? If work has been especially draining, take a little time off. If you are unhappy, the decision to walk away is the best way out. Take care of your health and that of your elders.

Scorpio ♏️ 

If your relationship has been going through a rough patch, this may also be a time of healing. Try to remain communicative and honest with one another. If you’ve gone through a difficult or stressful time at work, focus on your healing. Stay away from gossip and negativity as it can adversely impact your mental health. Have faith in your abilities and do not let anyone put you down. You need to take care of your health. Do not dabble with your finances at the moment.

Sagittarius ♐️ 

You might be working on the home front, or collaborating on projects with your partner. Collaboration may be key to your success right now, since your projects will require a different skill set, different experiences, ideas and points of view. Support your teammates and trust their expertise. Your health is good.

Capricorn ♑️

Opportunities come when you are open to seeing them. Excitement in your relationship has faded. You may also feel distracted and distant at work. It might be hard to focus on the tasks at hand or get excited about new projects. This boredom can also be impacting your mood negatively. You will complete some repair or renovation work at home. Take care of your health.

Aquarius ♒️

You may be feeling more emotionally connected with your partner at a personal as well as spiritual level. You are in a phase of high growth in terms of your career. It’s also a good time to confront issues that hindered your progress in the past, because you are now in a better position to handle them. Your creativity and problem-solving skills will help you accomplish tasks with ease. Your health is improving.

Pisces ♓️

Your partner may be very supportive of you emotionally and financially, so keep the partnership balanced and be reciprocating. This way, your relationship will thrive. If you are looking for new opportunities, the ones that will come your way will be better than your current position. But you are well appreciated and acknowledged for your hard work and contributions at your current workplace. You are very good with handling your finances. Your health is good.

Predictions by: Honey Grewal Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/soulgrounding/ Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/soulgrounding/ Email: honeydhaliwal@gmail.com