10 Signs He is Just Not That Into You

Here are the tell-tale signs that he is not headed towards a relationship with you

You have been dating this cute guy and you can’t seem to wait to the next phase with him. However, he doesn’t show the same enthusiasm. Confused? You don’t know if he is just busy or if he doesn’t force a future with you. To get answers to these questions, we asked Anamika Yaduvanshi, celebrity life coach and motivational trainer and counsellor to share some effective tips with us. Read on to find out what she says.

1. He doesn’t take your calls and takes time to revert to your call

The first red flag is when he does not treat you like a  priority. If he's constantly flaking out on plans, doesn't put effort into planning hangouts or will make excuses not to see you, it means that you're not a priority to him.

2. Doesn’t make efforts to meet you. When you make plans to meet, he would find an excuse

This is true of pretty much any relationship. If someone wants to see you, they will put in the effort to make it happen – it's as plain as that. It seems like such a simple thing, but it's so easy for us to overlook this sometimes and make excuses for why they never initiate first. 

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3.Takes hours to reply to your texts or gives one word replies to your long emotional texts 

Taking forever to text back and leaving them on read might work in a movie... but when the tables are turned and a person does it IRL, it’s absolutely infuriating. Being on the opposite end of the fake disinterest is one thing, but being on the opposite end of real disinterest is much, much worse.

4. He doesn’t show interest in the things you love and the people you are close to

If someone is interested in something, they will want to know more about it. For instance, if you become super interested in a book or movie, you'll look into it and learn more. The same thing applies to relationships. If he's interested in you or cares about how you're doing, he will take the time to ask about your day, your history and about your life. 

5. He doesn’t care about what’s going on in your life and the challenges you face.

If he is into you he will always want to know what you are upto and try being there for you if not solve your problems. 

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6. He rarely introduces you to people in his life.

If he never wants to be seen in public with you, that's a major warning sign and a big no-no. If you're not dating yet, that low-key might mean you're just a booty call. You deserve someone who wants to show you off and can't wait to tell the world that he is with you. 

7. He doesn’t share his thoughts, feelings and experiences of his life. 

Reliability isn't something we put on our partner wish list when we're young but it well and truly works its way up there as we get older (and wiser and wearier).If he doesn't ring when he says he's going to, is never on time or doesn't turn up all, he's sending a clear message: you aren't important to him.If you've called him on it and it continues, he's not just being flaky and unorganised, he just can't be bothered to make any effort.

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8. Doesn’t do anything exciting to please you or bring smile on your face

Dating is all about both sides showcasing their BEST side.If the guy you’re with never tries to impress you.Say be demonstrating a skill, flashing a new toy or taking you out to fancy places..Then it’s a clear sign he doesn’t care about winning you over. And likely isn’t into you.

9. When you feel warmth, comfort and care are missing in your relationship

A surefire sign that he doesn’t like you is if he doesn’t make you feel warm and you feel the comfort and care missing. There are many ways for a man to protect his girlfriend. The key thing is that he should want to do this. Because it’s built into a man’s DNA to seek out relationships that allow them to feel like a protector. 

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10. Your gut feeling says that he is not the one for you

When it comes to matters of heart, our intuition is often our best compass. It’s obvious…as in no secret codes or hidden clues to uncover. If you have a suspicion that he’s not feeling it, it’s probably because he isn’t  What women call “mixed messages” is actually one very clear message: he doesn’t want to be with you. He may want to hang out with you, he may want to hook up with you, but that is not the same as being with you.