7 Zodiac Signs Most Likely to Find True Love in 2021

Finding the perfect match on a dating app or even wedding bells around the corner, celebrity astrologer Pandit Jagannath Guruji reveals the zodiac signs who will be lucky in love this year! 

Are you worried that the endless lockdown and social distancing is going to throw a wrench in your love life? Well, here's how you can wear your mask and fall in love too.  Celebrity astrologer and prophesier Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares his prediction for the zodiac signs that are most likely to fall in love this year. 



As per love horoscope 2021, the year will start on a positive note. You have never been one to play by other people rules. You might find the person next to whom you will live in moments full of tenderness and romance. This boat rocking year could change your status to “relationship anarchist”.



Taureans will have great fun and love time in 2021. They can find new friends, which can turn into a committed relationship. There is a possibility to find new love interest if you have not found your love yet.



Your independent spirit will be your attractive assets. This is the year for Gemini natives to rejoice! Stars are favouring your love life this year as per the love horoscope predictions for 2021. At the beginning of the year, you might have to rake crucial decisions related to your love life. You will be able to see a whole new different side of your partner this year. Your relationship will develop as you will try to explore new things and understand your partner in a new brighter light.



As per Virgo love horoscope 2021, this year can be full of success in your personal life. There are very bright chances to meet someone new in your life and if you are already in a relationship, things will evolve on their own, and the steps you will take are going to be very important, and there is even the possibility of a wedding.



Cozy up in the love nest! Your desire for closeness and intimacy returns, making this an ideal year for bonding under one roof. Scorpio natives are advised if you happen to identify your soulmate, but the first thing you must do is to acknowledge his/her love and try to spend quality time to understand the compatibility



This year will prove to be favourable for single natives who are looking for suitable partners in their life as they can find a romantic connection that will unknowingly develop for someone special in their life.



This year will prove to be good for you and can expect someone to walk into your life who will be very lucky as well. This year is likely to be grand and encouraging with favourable events taking place in your life. Also, natives interested to finally settle down in a marriage can find the year 2021 to be ideal and supportive