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This Survey Reveals Why Your Ex Keeps Texting You!

Almost 5000 Indian men revealed the *real reason* they continue texting an old lover after a nasty break-up!  

Picture this: After months (or weeks!) of dealing with a nasty break-up with crying sessions with your BFFs, chocolate binges and playing the saddest romantic songs on loop, you are finally ready to take on the world. BAM! That's when your ex texts you a 'Hey! Sup?'...and you are back where you started.

As your mind races to make sense of this seemingly casual text and before you give him a chance again, check this out. 

In a bid to sort out this conundrum, Gleeden, a dating app conducted a survey among 5000 of its male users from Indian metropolitan cities. Based on the responses they have compiled six reasons why exes text you after breaking your heart. 

text your ex

#1. He wants to express his bitterness

You know how they say happiness is the best revenge because nothing drives your enemies more insane than seeing you smiling and living a good life? Well, turns out that might be some truth to that. About 37 per cent of men who participated in Gleeden's survey admitted that they call their exes to find out if they are handling the break up as bad as him. Sounds sadistic but then misery loves company, doesn't it? 

#2. He feels guilty – genuinely

On the other hand, a whopping 52 per cent of the male users admitted that they felt guilty about calling quits on the relationship. This was the most common reason behind an ex calling to check up on you after a break-up! However, this in no way is an invitation to get back together. 

Interestingly, most of the men also admitted that they would like to be friends with their former love interest even after a breakup.

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#3. Just curious!

Another popular reason is rather sweet despite all the emotional upheaval they might have put you through. About 32 per cent of men said that they like to randomly check in on their ex to see what he/she is up to. However, the survey does mention that there is a strong possibility that he wishes to know whether you have moved on or are with someone else.

Well, you would do better if you leave these messages on read!

#4. He wants a booty call

Physical intimacy is a strong contender in this list of reasons with 35.5 per cent of men agreeing to text an ex for a quickie rather than committing to a new relationship. So, if this exes-with-benefits setup suits you, go ahead. However, the survey also inferences that 'if you notice a certain pattern and receive his texts only during fixed hours of the day, mainly in the evening or late at night, then this is the red flag situation.'

#5. Texts you out of habit

Breaking up can leave a sudden void in your life. One moment you are sharing sweet nothings (or angry swears) and the next moment you are no longer a part of their life. It can take a while to form new habits that do not revolve around your ex but it can prove tricky for most people. 

More than half of the respondents (60 per cent) admitted that they text their exes out of habit. Though this generally happens in the initial phase of the break-up and gradually it fades for most of them. What's worse? Well, about 31 per cent of male users of the app revealed that they keep texting their ex even if they don’t get a response. Yikes!

#6. He genuinely wants you back 

Absence does make the heart grow fonder for a small majority of men, 28 per cent to be precise. According to the survey, some men admitted that the break up makes them realise the importance of their partner and they text their ex to reconcile. However, the survey also noted - 'Before jumping into the pool of happiness, wait for him to talk openly about things and ask him to prove to you that he really wants you back. You will need to give time and only then will you be able to realize and understand whether he is keeping his word.'